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Poor DS

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kid · 11/02/2005 14:44

My poor little DS, he has done nothing today apart from lay on the settee and tell me he isn't well. He has a high temp (38.6) and doesn't want to eat. He doesn't have a cough or cold. No rash either. I have been giving him calpol and ibuprofen which is bringing his temp down a bit. I can't stand it when the kids get ill at the weekend as the Drs shut until Monday. I have a Dr appt this afternoon for DD as she has impetigo again! I will take Ds along with us but don't want to get told off by the Dr if I ask her to check out DS as its not his appt and we have been fitted in as an emergency for DD. The joys of parenthood, lots of worrying over the weekend for me

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Amanda3266 · 11/02/2005 14:46

. Poor little fellow. Hope he feels better soon. It's awful when they're not well isn't it?

kid · 11/02/2005 14:49

The last time he was ill he had pneumonia, so that really scares me. He was ill for 2 weeks before we were referred to the hospital and it was diagnosed. His temp began during the night so its still early days but I worry anyway.

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