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Migraine and Beta Blockers

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MABS · 31/01/2003 17:45

Does anyone have any experience with migraine and children. My dd, 7 has been put on these for possible migraine. She is absolutely exhausted and seems like a 'zombie' on them. Any comments ?

OP posts:
hmb · 31/01/2003 18:29

Found this on the internet re beta blockers and migraine.

'The use of beta blockers for the treatment of migraine began in the late 60's, when by accident migraine sufferers being treated for cardiovascular disease found that their migraine attacks lessened. Further research in the 70s lead to propranolol to be the first of this class of medications to be approved by the FDA for migraine prevention. Subsequently the FDA also approved the use of timolol. Several other beta blockers have been shown in research trials to also be effective for migraine prevention. These include metoprolol, nadolol and atenolol.

Beta blockers appear to act by helping to stabilize the blood vessels and limiting the tendency for the blood vessels to over dilate. Other mechanisms may include effects on serotonin and possible sedation qualities.

People who have coexisting respiratory diseases such as asthma or chronic bronchitis may not be able to use these medications.

In general, beta blockers should not be stopped abruptly and should be discontinued under a physician's supervision. '

Fatigue is listed as a side effect, but this is often short tem, as the body gets 'used to' the drug.
HTH and that your Dds headaches improve asap.

Alibubbles · 01/02/2003 10:22

If they have given her Sonomigram, I'm not surprised, they knocked my daughter (14 at the time) out cold for 36 hours and then was a zombie for ages. Turned out that they'd given her the wrong dose to start off with and it should have been a progressive increasing dose. This was the consultant at the hospital, not the GP!!

MABS · 01/02/2003 13:15

AliBubbles- she's on propanolol, have you ever had that one?

OP posts:
suedonim · 01/02/2003 14:07

I've had propanolol for migraine, Mabs, as an adult. I had about as much energy as a wet dishcloth when I took them. I think but am not 100% sure, that they reduce blood pressure and I was so weak and dizzy that I couldn't carry on taking them. I'd imagine the effect would be worse in a child. Have you been in touch with Migraine Action , a charity dedicated to helping migraine sufferers? They are very helpful and it's pretty cheap to join, 8.50gbp. Also, some hospitals run migraine clinics. I hope you manage to sort this out soon. My ds had migraine when he was young and it's miserable.

Alibubbles · 01/02/2003 14:44

Mabs, haven't had that one, but looking at the BNF I don't think I'd be too happy about it for a child.

We also had Pizotifen which is a similiar one to sanomigram, dixarit and had Naramig which are £24 for 6 tablets! I decide to stop taking all medication for migraine after the person I worked for who is at Roche gave me an article on pre-menstrual migraine ( obviously not your daughters case) that demonstrated that a cocktail of aspirin, paracetemol, caffeine and motilium was more effective than any migraine drug. It is sold in America as Excedrin Migraine, I tried it and it gave me such a migraine that lasted a week. It was the caffeine, as I don't have caffeine at all ( not intentional, just hate coffee etc)

Now I just take soluble aspirin and it works!! Got a migraine in the night, woke with a real pounder this morning, due on it 2/3 days, but keep taking aspirin and it works.
My mother, also a sufferer has tried it too and it works for her, unfortunately children cannot take aspirin until 16 now, used to be 12.

I sympathise. I have suffered from age 16 and DD from 8/9, they used to call it abdominal migraine for DD as she was too young to have proper migraine ( so the doc's said)

MABS · 01/02/2003 17:40

Thanks for all this info - it really helps. I'm very frustrated as the consultant is not convinced it IS migraine, but is treating it as such until proved otherwise by the MRI . At the moment, she 'only' having 2 headaches a day, previously about 5/6 before the drugs, but i hate what the drugs are doing to her. Should hear on Moday when MRI is - hahaha

OP posts:
bundle · 03/02/2003 16:41

MABS any joy? sorry your dd is having such a tough time.

MABS · 03/02/2003 20:25

Bundle - thanks for asking , the scan is next Tuesday 11 Feb, at least I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

OP posts:
ScummyMummy · 04/02/2003 01:27

Oh MABS, do hope you get somewhere with this scan and your dd starts to get some appropriate useful treatment that works. It sounds like your family is having a really tough tough time atm. Lots of love to you all. xx

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