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On my own.

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serenity · 11/02/2005 00:13

Sorry, just need to have a little vent as I've had a really shitty day, and I'm on my own and need a hug

Dh has been home ill for the last two weeks, with flu that developed into a chest infection and now he's been admitted into hospital and I'm finding it hard to keep it together. I hated leaving him on his own there. He didn't want to be there - it's the hospital his dad died in, and Dh just doesn't get ill so he has found the last two weeks really difficult, he's not used to it.

DSs are staying at a friends house, DD is asleep and I really miss DH. I know I'm being a wimp, Dh is going to be fine but I keep crying. I really need my mum I think. I need to go to bed but can't face lying there on my own.

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stupidgirl · 11/02/2005 00:15

Awww honey, nothing useful to say, but here have a big (((hug)))

Skribble · 11/02/2005 00:18

Try the chat boards lots of useless chat going on to keep you going through night.

serenity · 11/02/2005 00:19

thanks SG, I think I'm going to drink hot chocolate and read MN until I have to go to sleep

OP posts:
stupidgirl · 11/02/2005 00:20

There's usually several late night Mumsnetters so you don't have to be alone.

serenity · 11/02/2005 00:25

I've got lots to catch up on as I have been on here as much with DH home.

I'd be embarrassed if he realised just how much time I spend on MN, so I've been avoiding it.......

OP posts:
sallystrawberry · 11/02/2005 00:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nightowl · 11/02/2005 01:00

im still here too xx

serenity · 11/02/2005 01:17

Hi nightowl, I'm still here too. Just looking at some of todays threads. realised that I haven't been on here at all since monday - missed alohas BA!! I'm just waiting for DD to wake up to make me go to sleep..

OP posts:
fredtbad · 11/02/2005 01:21

I'm still up! I went to sleep with dd at 8pm when she asked me to snuggle up next to her. Woke up still dressed etc at 11 ish and haven't been able to go back to sleep.

nightowl · 11/02/2005 01:30

im tired now...unusual for me really...3am is my sleep time.

serenity · 11/02/2005 10:25

Went to bed about 2, didn't sleep very well but this is more to do with DD wanting to get up at 3 and then 6 as I'd left the light in the hall on!

DSs have just been dropped back, so I'm going to sort them out and then drop them off at another friends house so I can go and see whats going on with DH. I'll take them up this evening.

Still really want to talk to my Mum, but I can't get hold of her. I have a feeling she's already gone to Prague for the half term

OP posts:
serenity · 12/02/2005 12:34

Feel a lot better now I've managed to talk to my mum. I still can't get the hang of going to bed on my own though. I'm so glad we got homechoice last week, I sat up and watched all of last years brat camp and last tuesdays holby until I was too tired to keep my eyes open anymore.

The kids are starting to notice that DH isn't around. They were really matter of fact when we were at the hospital yesterday, it was only when we were walking back to the car that DS2 started to throw a freaky as we had left daddy behind.

This still feels very surreal, it s just hasn't sunk in that Dh has gone from having a chest infection to broncitus to pneumonia,jaundice and anemia ('scuse spelling) in such a short time. He never gets ill.

It squite good though that I've rediscovered just how cool our friends are. Everyone has really rallied round, helping me with the kids etc so I can spend time with DH (DSs are fine up there but DD is just too young to stay in one place).

OP posts:
suzywong · 12/02/2005 12:41

oh serenity, so sorry to hear of dh's condition.

you know I don't do cyberhugs but have a pat on the mane and a sugarlump

serenity · 12/02/2005 12:47

thanks sw just feeling a bit sorry for myself, need to buck out of it really.

Also thanks, as you've just reminded me I haven't taken my thyroxine since Thursday, so better go and sort myself out!

Chuck us a bit of Ozzie sunshine over too please

OP posts:
vict17 · 12/02/2005 13:00

Serenity - glad you are feeling a bit better. If I was in your position I'd feel exactly the same. My dh isn't often ill either, and never seriously, and it's scary visiting in hospital. My dad had pneumonia and pluerosy a few years ago and he also never gets ill. He hated being in hospital and I hated visiting him - I think it's a shock seeing someone who's always so healthy lying in bed looking older and frailer to what you are used to.

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