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Ashton and Parsons Teething Powder -= any good???

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Mickj · 08/02/2005 16:56

Boots gave me some for DS teething!!

OP posts:
mumofelise · 08/02/2005 17:00

they are good though it can be difficult to only give half a sachet! i use new era for infant teething pains and would recommend them

Christie · 08/02/2005 17:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Christie · 08/02/2005 17:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jessicasmummy · 08/02/2005 17:21

a must have on the shopping list every time here! Works a treat!

Christie · 08/02/2005 17:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jessicasmummy · 08/02/2005 17:29

always given full sachet of powder to dd - she gets realyl excited when she see's it now - i guess she knows it helps her gums!!!

Hausfrau · 08/02/2005 18:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mickj · 08/02/2005 21:22

Thanks ever so much - DS is only 12 weeks and is not a happy baby - you were right - giving half a sachet is tricky, but I'll persevere. It seemed to settle him really well this morning before his breakfast, as he is bottle fed now and I guess it hurts his gums? Gosh, I hope this doesn't last too long!!??? XX

OP posts:
NatureDoc · 11/02/2005 18:19

If you don't get reults with these I can get hold of some stronger homeopathic stuff called Viburcol from Germany - it's FANTASTIC! [email protected]

Leicslass · 20/01/2009 20:09

Where has it gone? Ashton and Parsons works miracles within minutes and I only have 2 left to get my 1 year old through the molars! All the chemists have ran out and say they can't order it but don't know why its out of stock. Anyone know why or even how long it's gonna take before its available again?

nickytamoshantertwotimes · 20/01/2009 20:11

They did flip all for ds.

LoveMyGirls · 20/01/2009 20:12

Have you tried superdrug?

chancelloroftheexCHEQUERS · 20/01/2009 20:16

DD likes it but absolutely loves teetha.

d0glover · 21/01/2009 16:10

A&P powders worked wonders for my 2 when teething - heartily recommend them.
Natural homeopathic medicine so can't do any harm to try ......

jooseyfruit · 21/01/2009 16:17

A&P's is cheaper at Savers.

they are briliant.

TheDevilWearsPrimark · 21/01/2009 16:24

NatureDoc please stop spamming here. People are asking for advice not adverts. I've reported you post (again, yawn)

The powders were great for my DD but did nothing for my DS. I found flannels soaked in water and semi frozen were great when he was especially sore.

I think they have been discontinued btw, not sure why.

apsie · 21/01/2009 16:31

My mum said that on Strictly Come Dancing Austin Healey said it had worked wonders for his twins - maybe that's why it's sold out everywhere? My mum's such a huge strictly fan she practically marched me down to Boots to get some - have to admit it does seem to calm my DS when he's teething!

Marthasmama · 30/01/2009 13:48

Hello. Apparently there had been a problem getting them but now......they're back (well in my chemist anyway). The lady behind the counter said that there had been a problem getting them from the manufactors but yesterday when she phoned she was told they are back. SO HURRRRAAHHHH! My DD gets excited when she sees the packets!

kelbel10 · 30/11/2010 13:56

hi i was just wondering if any one knows were i can get ashtons and parsons teehing powder from i really need it for my baby i has just started ta teehing and i heard it is really good please can anyone tell me were i can get it thanks Smile

estheradiant · 05/12/2010 13:40

I searched for A & P Poweder everywhere, but guess waht? Hubby got them from chemists. Just go to the little chemist around you will definitely find one. They are like gold dust now. You can also order online from they have in stock now.

richardjameshall · 22/04/2014 15:10

Ashton & Parsons infant powders have been redesigned into a new a modern sachet and production is being ramped up following investment in modern high speed machinery. Previously the powder was produced in a traditional paper wrap from machinery from the 1950's that had become unreliable and could not service the demand for the product. So Mums should have no trouble from hereonin getting hold of the product.

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