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General health tips please.

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Donbean · 07/02/2005 20:35

Ds 19 months has got croup, this is night 2. His breathing is noisy while asleep and the cough is awful.
Tonight he coughed so much he vomited all over the living room.
Have been to the GP and as its viral its just a case of temperature management. Fair enough. Read somewhere about putting a wet towel on the radiator and his bedroom window is slightly open.
The coughing is obviously painful as he cries each time, paracetamol and brufen to cover this and temp.
Any other tips to help me survive this and help him be more comfortable?

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 07/02/2005 20:37

take into bathroom

with shower on hot and make full of steam

sit on floor with baby on knee and read books etc.

TracyK · 07/02/2005 20:37

boil a kettle in his room? lift the head of his bed a little?

RTKangaMummy · 07/02/2005 20:39

put telephone directories or catalogues under feet of cot [or under matteress]

Donbean · 07/02/2005 20:41

Ok, going to do those things now, ta very much x

OP posts:
essbee · 07/02/2005 20:42

Message withdrawn

ChicPea · 07/02/2005 20:43

DS had croup last summer and I sat in a steamy shower room for 15mins every three hours. Realy helped.

pinkdiamond · 07/02/2005 20:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

TracyK · 07/02/2005 20:45

someone told me to give them a blast of cold outside air in the midlde of a coughing fit - it cools all their throat muscles?

onlineid · 07/02/2005 20:47

Message withdrawn

Donbean · 07/02/2005 20:49

Just propped him up and his breathing is quieter now, ive got the electric steriliser unit in there with the lid off. (He's in the cot and asleep while im on here in case you are wondering).

OP posts:
essbee · 07/02/2005 20:49

Message withdrawn

Donbean · 07/02/2005 20:50

Thanks every one, wish me luck for the night ahead......

OP posts:
TracyK · 07/02/2005 20:58

good luck - i hope you don't have to go to work tomorrow!

RTKangaMummy · 08/02/2005 09:12

How was he last night?

handlemecarefully · 08/02/2005 09:40

The boiling the kettle thing (with lid off) is much quicker, easier and effective than turning on the shower IME

TracyK · 08/02/2005 09:41

I agree - I tried to run the shower when ds was in the bath and hardly any steam was made - all that happened was that he wanted to get out of the bath and get under the shower!
will try the kettle trick the next time.

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