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Organic skin care for the LO's....

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Levanna · 27/01/2005 19:24

I've put this here as one of the most urgent reasons is DD2's eczema, can anyone recommend any particular brand or supplier for child and baby organic skincare?

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hewlettsdaughter · 27/01/2005 19:51

Have you tried green people ? I haven't tried their baby stuff but it sounds good.

Levanna · 27/01/2005 22:20

Thanks HD, I've looked there, it does look great . I'm having difficulty justifying £8.69 for 100ml of baby salve though! With all of DD2's sore spots it would last about a day.
If I can talk DH round I'll get it though (or fib! ).

OP posts:
TheBearWhisperer · 27/01/2005 22:24

the little me range from boots? not used it on a child with eczema though but it is gentle and organic

meysey · 28/01/2005 09:31

The best and cheapest kind of organic skincare is to make it yourself. The Fragrant Pharmacy aromatherapy book has a section on babies and children and I have found it outperforms anything medicinal every time.

You have the costs of the book and some oils initially, but you soon save money. The everyday baby massage oil is so good and calming to skin and mind that I often use it myself.

If you don't have the time for that then ranges such as Weleda and Green People are good, but I am sure I have seen a special range on the net for kids with eczema.

You could also ask at a health food shop for chickweed cream which is gentle and good for eczema.

Good luck!

fuzzywuzzy · 28/01/2005 09:36

I use beamingbaby products, dd's do not have exzema, but at one point when I used johnsons baby wash dd1 got really bad dry skin on her legs which started to crack and bleed slightly..

yoyo · 28/01/2005 09:41

I've used Green People products for my children for some time and they do last for ages. I recommended it to my sister for her DD's eczema (mine don't have it) and she was very pleased with it. I tend to use the shampoos, babywash and deoderant so don't know about the salve. Am I right in thinking that the range was originally developed by a woman whose daughter had eczema?

noddyholder · 28/01/2005 09:44

i use little me on my own skin v good and smells great too Not too expensive IIRC

Levanna · 28/01/2005 11:39

Thanks everyone. I've taken the plunge and ordered some 'Green People' products for the LO's. (I'll stick to the natural health shop for DH and I, for now!). Thanks for your recommendations!

OP posts:
ionesmum · 28/01/2005 22:20

Another vote for Green People stuff, I've never used anything else on our dds and neither of them have ever had any skin problems, despite a family history of them. The salve is brilliant - knocks spots off Sudacreme for nappy rash and can also be used on cuts and grazes - and one tube lasts ages. We also use their baby wash as a shampoo for dd1's lovely thick hair - again, a little goes a long way, so it's not really that more expensive. And we use their suncreams, too!

Levanna · 28/01/2005 23:14

I'm looking forward to it arriving now!

Meysey, I'm going to look out for that book, it sounds like a good one to have in the house. I made DD2's bath today with unrefined sea salt and organic oats (as suggested on another thread) with two drops of lavender (added to the oat 'milk' the oil mixed through the water well). It is really nice! And seems to have soothed her somewhat .

OP posts:
hewlettsdaughter · 29/01/2005 12:45

I have that book and it's great - I've never heard anyone else mention it before!

pupuce · 29/01/2005 12:58

From memory Elena Schalburg's cream - which were at some point on a banner ad on this site are sourced from organic plants.
I have to say her creams were fabulous. I was so pleased I now recommend it to my clients whose baby has eczema it always does the trick in a couple of days.... and I was quite skeptical at first !
Just found the website .

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