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big decision to make- opinions /advice needed please.(long)

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alexsmum · 24/01/2005 11:25

Both my ds's had reactions to their first set of immunisations.It triggered in my first son/and exacerbated in my second son- severe eczema.They have had a tailored programme of immunisations carried out by a fab everything broken up into small doses,at greater intervals,in differnt orders to the norm etc.myds1 has seperate measles, mumps,rubella although our doctor thought he would be ok with mmr-i just wasn't sure.
Now it's time for ds2 to have his immunisation against m/m/r.the immunologist says he thinks we should go for mmr although he understands our reasons if we don't.This time round though he isn't able to source the individual jabs, it's a route that has been closed to him.However if we can source them, he will administer them.But we can't find them.only doctors who will give them, and I would really rather he was treated by the doctor who has known him since birth.
there are now cases of measles in our area and we have an appointment next week to tell doc our decision.
I have no idea what to do. I want him immunised somehow but feel so unsure about mmr.haven't got a clue what to do. any opinions/ advice please? no nasties please( in light of other current threads!!!)

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alexsmum · 24/01/2005 11:35


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alexsmum · 24/01/2005 11:38

bumpety bump

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ruty · 24/01/2005 12:07

oh alex's mum you've done somuch better than i have. i would get the singles from elsewhere if you can [direct health2000 eg?] i wish i had an immunologist like yours, i've asked my gp to refer us [allergies and auto immunity in me and sewvere aczema in my babe] but nshe's not interested. how did you get yours if you don't mind me asking?

Jimjams · 24/01/2005 12:13

I know of a private GP in Egham Surrey who gives singles- maybe he would be happy to work with the immunologist (being a GP rather than a specialist). I don't have contact detaiils any more but his name is Dr Seyedi and he's very helpful and reliable.

alexsmum · 24/01/2005 13:05

ruty, our hv got us our referal.alex had his jab at 8 weeks as standard and within 24-48 hours was covered in eczema. I was so upset and my gp said it was just coincidence( yeah right).I told my hv i wasn't going to allow him to have anymore and she got me the referral.It was such a relief when we saw him to hear him say ' of course it's vaccine related!'He dealt with alex and when I was preg with ds2 he said that he thought we should treat him in the same way as he would prob react in same way.and he did!!
he thinks we absolutely should go for mmr but am scared ds2 will end up covered in scabs again! not to mention the other issues.
jimjams, i'm sorry i don't think i've really spoken to you before and don't know your situation properly,but i know you have sn you think mmr played a part?

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ruty · 24/01/2005 13:14

thanks alex's mum, wish i could find someone in the medical establishment so understanding. i'm sure they are out there, its just where. good luck with your prob.

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