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How much water?

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Harrysmom · 21/01/2005 09:53

How much water should my 6 mo baby be drinking? Weaned at 4.5 months he eats well and still has around 17-20oz milk a day, but will only take about 2-3 oz of water a day! Is this enough?

OP posts:
Kelly1978 · 21/01/2005 09:56

Mine wouldn't drink any in winter, just happy with the milk. Personally, I wouldn't worry too much until the hotter weather, then baby might need more fluids. Cow & Gate do juice from abt 4 mnths, if that is more tempting for him/her.

mears · 21/01/2005 10:00

There is no specific amount needed really. My babies didn't like water so they had juice when the milk feed was dropped (teeth are fine). When milk feeds are dropped, offer water instead. You can offer water inbetween feeds but do not worry if he only takes a bit at a time. If he is constpated then he does need more fluids. Babies who don't drink very well can have fluid in food like jellies. If you think he really does need to drink more then dilute fresh fruit juice. Sometimes just a hint of flavour can make the difference.

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