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do hamster bites need tetanus or anything?

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orangehead · 30/05/2008 08:26

possibly a stupid quetion but ds aged 5 just been bite by hamster, he ok but it has been bleeding and we did give it a wash. What do you think?

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orangehead · 30/05/2008 08:31


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LaylaandSethsmum · 30/05/2008 08:46

No highly unlikely especially if hes up to date with his vaccs he won't have long had one.

orangehead · 30/05/2008 09:15

Ended up ringing nhs, which I felt a bit stupid but they were lovely and very through so felt less stupid for ringing. If he has had his preschool tetanus he ok, but if hasnt he will need it and it looks like he was missed for some reason but they just double checking now

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orangehead · 30/05/2008 09:57

I feel like screaming. Nhs was clear if he had preschool booster he fine, if he hasnt he needs it. So rang docs to check they couldnt find any records so said it best to ring hv. Rang hv, they have no records but best to ring school health. Rang school health who was very helpful and checked, no he has not had it and on the list for this year not last year for some reason. They also confirmed that he needs one for hamster bite if it has been bleeding. So ring
docs back up for appt. They have no appointments for today, I explain what happened and what nhs direct said. She says but we have no appts today. So I ask her if there is a time peroid you should have it when been biten she said she didnt know and then put me on hold for 5 mins. She came back declaring he ok and he doesnt need it as he has had his tetanus, I said, 'oh! when'. She replied 2003. I explained that the one when he was a baby but as he has not had the preschool one so he is not fully immune. She then put me back on hold for about 10 mins. She came back and said, well if the skin hasnt broken the skin he will be fine. I took a deep breath and calmly explained yes it was bleeding. She then put me back on hold for ten mins then finally offered me an appt this morning. Do their wages get cut if they put patients in to see docs?

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friendly · 09/09/2008 20:11

just found this thread as dd just been bitten by her hamster. Had it a year and it's never bitten anyone. From this thread it looks like she should have a tetanus as I am pretty sure she didn't have her pre-school booster, will check tomorrow. My question is does anyone know the time limit from being bitten to having the jab? thank you

poppyandsam · 09/09/2008 20:48

You WILL NOT get tetanus from a hamster bite, or any other animal for that matter. The bacteria that causes tetanus is found in soil, not oral cavities. You may theoretically be able to acquire tetanus from soil into an existing bite wound, but not from the bite itself. It is very unlikely you would even need antibiotics for a hamster bite.

friendly · 09/09/2008 21:02

thanks poppyandsam. My sister was just querying this on the phone. I think I will ring the gp because i would like her to be up to date with her jabs anyway.

Hulababy · 09/09/2008 21:08

I assume he is up to date with normal boosters - if so, he should be fine.

Our gerbil bites me regularly. I never have it checked.

paulkaz1976 · 10/02/2014 21:02


I got bitten by my daughters hamster yesterday. Its gone septic and the poison has started tracking up my arm! :-( have got to go back to the doctors tomorrow to have it checked and a tetanus. These can be serious. Im also on super strength antibiotics. I have three children my youngest is three. I think the hamster has to go!

The14thdoctor · 02/11/2019 21:34

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