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cradle cap (is that the term?!) how to get rid of! please..

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bellbottoms · 17/01/2005 20:48

my DS (11 months) has cradle cap, as most other babies..but how do i go about getting rid of it? Do I need to get rid of it? Would it go away in time? Doesn't bother me too much, though he smells like my 97 yr old grandma on the head, I image she has the same thing! thanks..

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IloveMarmite · 17/01/2005 20:59

All 3 of mine have had cradle cap and the only surefire way of getting rid of it for me was to soften it up with oil (olive oil or similar) and then to brush it with a really stiff brush (like a Mason & Pearson). All of them really quite enjoyed the sensation - I think they found it really tickly having all the build up of skin.

IloveMarmite · 17/01/2005 21:00

Should have said that you need to slap on the oil and leave it for at least 1/2 a day or so.

hercules · 17/01/2005 21:01

Dont brush off. You can damage their scalp!

hotmama · 17/01/2005 21:15

I am using detonex shampoo which is really doing the job. My 15 weeks babe was born with loads of hair and it has kept on growing rather than falling out so rubbing in olive oil isn't really an option. However, if you don't have a hairy babe than olive oil is a good choice.

Surfermum · 17/01/2005 23:16

I used olive oil left in overnight and then a nit comb - worked a treat, and was more effective than using a brush and picking it out by hand! I also shampooed with Dentinox.

DD was born with loads of hair and I used the olive oil anyway - she looked like Gareth Gates!!

sparklymieow · 17/01/2005 23:20

my 4 1/2 yr DD has this, I have used almond oil and managed to get rid of it before but it just grows back, how can I get rid of it!!??

HunkerMunker · 17/01/2005 23:23

Dentinox shampoo worked a treat on DS (he had lots of hair too, so I didn't fancy coating him in oil - plus as he was a summer baby, I worried someone would mistake him for a salad...). Makes them smell like roses too. Altogether now...awwww!

Fran1 · 18/01/2005 00:19

I was told not to touch it and it disappeared by a year and a half.

sparklymieow · 18/01/2005 00:21

but D1 is 4!!

eidsvold · 18/01/2005 02:33

sparkly my dd1 had bad cradle cap as a babe. Now at 2 1/2 it has reappeared - just around her forehead area... thought I might try the detinox shampoo again if I can get it... long hair would not tolerate the oil

NotQuiteCockney · 18/01/2005 06:37

DS2 gets cradle cap a bit, and I do tend to pick at it, which annoys him. (But not as much as being bathed annoys him!) The one thing I've changed that seems to help is not keeping his head too warm. I haven't put a real hat on him for ages (just hoods, and then not that often), and it seems to have made a real difference.

geekgrrl · 18/01/2005 07:11

I second the oil & combing suggestion - my dd1 had terrible cradle cap up to age 4 and that was the only thing to really sort it out

Bagpuss30 · 18/01/2005 07:30

My dd (2.5) has cradle cap and after using oil on her head, which didn't work due to the volume of hair, I bought Dentinox shampoo. It is really brilliant at lifting up the scales and all I did then was to brush it out. Be aware though that using a brush can really hurt after the cradle cap has been lifted as their scalp is usually a bit red, but after several applications I have finally got rid of most of it now. I tend to used the shampoo as a maintenance thing about once a fortnight now and have also stopped using Johnson's baby shampoo as I think it is too harsh for her. I have just started using a loreal kids shampoo this week which has added conditioner and will hopefully be less drying. HTH

Fran1 · 18/01/2005 15:48

sorry sparlymieow i missed your post!!

No advice then i'm afraid

KathH · 18/01/2005 15:54

you can rub baby oil in and leave overnight and then brush out gently next morning - only thing is they look at bit greasy!

TinyGang · 18/01/2005 16:03

You can also buy very pure olive oil for use on skin (comes in a little bottle) from the Chemist. Used that on ds when he had it as a baby to soften it for a day or two then gently rubbed it off when I washed his hair.

bellbottoms · 18/01/2005 18:53

great thanks -i'll get a nit comb and some good olive oil, will try not to eat him!

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