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Single vaccines in S, SW or Central London

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MaggieW · 03/01/2003 19:29

Can anyone recommend a clinic offering singles in any of these areas please?

OP posts:
marz · 03/01/2003 20:04

Or even North London too please??!!!

Alibubbles · 03/01/2003 21:32

Dr Pugh does single vaccine at his clinic at Elstree Aerodrome, Elstree, herts ( North London)

EmmaTMG · 03/01/2003 22:01

There's a private clinic in Eltham(south east london) that does them. Direct health 2000. The phone no is 08704437070 to get a brochure telling about costs and stuff although I think it's about £60 per jab.
Hope this helps.

SofiaAmes · 03/01/2003 22:22

I think Dr. Douek at the Portland Hospital does them. He's not cheap.

SoupDragon · 04/01/2003 08:16

Have you looked at the Jabs website? I can't remember the address (may have been but they email you a list of clinics.

Barca · 04/01/2003 12:23

try its the web site for real GP's practice in Holborn EC1 (Dr Richard Halvorsen). I used them for my daughter's single measles jab.

Reasonably priced and I found the fact that it was a "real" practice and not just a special clinic reassuring.

Marina · 04/01/2003 19:02

We used Direct Health 2000 (although they were cheaper then!) and found them very professional and thorough. They are about 10 mins walk from Eltham BR station and on several bus routes from Lewisham, Woolwich, Bromley, Sidcup etc.

marz · 08/01/2003 20:55


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