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Am I Ill?

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Chinchilla · 17/12/2002 22:34

I want your advice please. Lately (Sat/Sun) I had a couple of days feeling sick, and since then I have been really clumsy, light headed and incredibly emotional, although the nausea has now gone. I last felt like this when I was pregnant, but I have had a period since the last sex, and that was at the wrong time of the month for fertility anyway.

I am worried that I am getting depressed again, and it seems very likely at the moment, so could some of these 'symptoms' be psychosomatic? If not, are there any illnesses going round at the moment which are leaving people feeling wiped out?

I am thinking about getting myself back onto anti-depressants, but I am loath to do this unless absolutely necessary. I remember how panicky they made me feel last time. On the other hand, I am worried about what kind of a mum I will be to ds if I get depressed.

OP posts:
Clarinet60 · 17/12/2002 23:17

Go to your GP, chinchilla. It's very hard to say whether these symptoms are psychosomatic or not. You could be feeling emotional/depressed and have some low-grade virus as well.

aloha · 17/12/2002 23:21

Could it be PMT? Sounds quite hormonal. Anyway, no harm in a chat with your GP. Better that than worrying. If you suspect you may be depressed, then you might well be right - after all, you know your symptoms better than anyone. If so, well done you for recognising it before it becomes a problem. If your GP thinks you may be depressed, ask for different anti-depressants if necessary this time if the last ones didn't agree with you. Good luck

sobernow · 17/12/2002 23:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WideWebWitch · 17/12/2002 23:27

Chinchilla, I'm no expert but these symptoms don't smack of classic depression type ones to me. Only you can tell though, with the help of your doctor. I wouldn't say what you describe is psychosomatic necessarily but depression can make you feel all of the above. Or none! I suppose what I'm clumsily trying to say is that the worry about these might be more indicative of depression than the actual symptoms, if that makes sense. When I was depressed I know I worried that every tiny thing was something more serious - I remember going to the doctor with a list of symptoms/worries about my health as long as my arm and I just wish (with hindsight)that she'd asked me why I was so worried about all of these things. You know, got to the root cause rather than taking my 'symptoms' seriously. (root cause being, now I look back, that I was depressed, albeit probably doing an ok job of covering it up for things like doctors appointments!) Sorry, I don't know if this is helpful or not. If you are depressed then please do get some help. I'm sure I'm not the only one who will say this but if you are depressed, it can be sorted out with some help. But if you're not maybe it is a bug and you will feel better in the next few days. HTH.

susanmt · 18/12/2002 02:01

Chinchilla - just wanted to say I'm thinking of you. I understand totally that worry that the depression is creeping back, and the worry that if you are depressed it will make you a bad parent. Probably worth getting checked out, just to set your mind at rest. I don't know what antidepressants you were on before but they shouldn't make you panicky (speaks the voice of experience)! There are lots of types and you could try something different if that is recommended to you. In fact I am on one (Sertraline 0 Lustral) that is especially for depression with anxiety and I love it - somethimes I think I am never coming off!!
Take care, and please keep in touch, love Susanxx

Jimjams · 18/12/2002 10:16

chinchilla I met someone yesterday who had had exactly these symptoms. The nausea lasted 2 to three days then went away. I think it's a bug.....

whellid · 18/12/2002 10:32

Chinchilla, I had something similar last week. Felt sick and really weak. Didn't have the energy (or enthusiasm) to do anything either work wise or with ds, and if I did start something couldn't finish it. It lasted 4 days, and as Jimjams said I think it must have been a bug.

Hope you're feeling better now, but it might still be worth talking to your GP if you think you may be on the verge of depression.

Tillysmummy · 18/12/2002 11:09

Hi Chinchilla

Best to get it checked out anyway I think. Most probably there's an explanation for it.

Let us know how you are... I often feel weepy and a bit depressed at the moment. I think it's just the winter and lack of sleep !

expatkat · 18/12/2002 13:44

Chinchilla, I've been feeling a little sicky, too, in the way physical ways you describe, and had the same thought about pregnancy. . .only I just gave birth 12 wks ago, so I'm truly up a creek if it's that. The emotional component, though. . .I don't know. You don't have to be clinically depressed to be feeling rotten this time of year, as Tillysmummy pointed out.

WWW--I was really interested in what you said about your excessive worries about ill health. I've been the same way, and I agree it's often linked up with anxiety and depression.

prufrock · 18/12/2002 22:31

Chinchila, I would echo others and say go to speak to your GP about your worries. If you are depressed, worrying will only make it worse. It is the time of year for bugs that make you fel grotty, so it probably is just that. But even if you are depressed, I don't think you woudl be anything but the best kind of mum to your ds.

aloha · 19/12/2002 09:32

Funnily enough, I met a friend last night who had exactly these symptoms for a week or so - she's pg so put it down to that (very emotional, hugely tired, feeling sick and down) but it was a bug and now she's fine. I think it could be this mytery virus.

Jane101 · 19/12/2002 17:23

Chinchilla, DS was sick all day last Wednesday and I got it on Thursday. I've been feeling weak and tired and a bit light headed ever since (a week now) and felt like bursting into tears all day yesterday. I don't know if that helps, but I think there is something going round.

Scatterbrain · 19/12/2002 20:14

Yup - I've got it too !! dd had it last Friday night and I came down with it last night !! Oh the joys !

Enid · 19/12/2002 20:58

I stayed with some friends in London that all had a tummy bug and now I've got it too - makes you feel nauseous - apparently everyones got it.

bossykate · 19/12/2002 20:59

my dh has just had it. so far i've escaped...

Chinchilla · 19/12/2002 23:42

Thanks everybody, I feel a bit better now (mentally, not physically!) I still feel a bit under the weather, but am also going to talk to gp about the 'blues'. Think I need pills

OP posts:
prufrock · 20/12/2002 00:48

bossykate - any news on the glandular fever? Are you feeling beter now that you aren't at work anymore?

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