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Orange wee

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melbob · 02/01/2005 16:21

Does anyone know what the orane stain in new born nappies are? Showed mwife who said not to worry but couldn't explain.

Now ds 22 weeks just done it again

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hunkermunker · 02/01/2005 16:24

DS had a reddish stain as a newborn - think it was urates (looked like blood - pinkish rather than orange). Not sure why at 22 weeks your DS would do it? Is he dehydrated?

noddyholder · 02/01/2005 16:25


melbob · 02/01/2005 16:25

Don't think so, thought of dehydrarion too, has had feeds

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hunkermunker · 02/01/2005 16:29

How's his fontanelle? Heck, you'd know if he was dehydrated. Not sure what the orange could be. Does he seem well?

hunkermunker · 02/01/2005 16:31

Just seen your green poo thread - could be that his body's just processing the solids you've given him.

singsong · 02/01/2005 16:33

Is he jaundiced at all? Check to see if the whites of his eyes are yellow?

Amanda3266 · 02/01/2005 16:35

Hi melbob,

I used to be a midwife and as hunkermunker says - it's urates. Not anything to worry about.
It may not be urates at 22 weeks though - if he's well it could be something he's eaten ie anything heavily coloured like tomatoes. If unwell it might be a sign of dehydration or a water infection.
Have a chat with your GP if you're not sure


DissLocated · 02/01/2005 16:47

Could it be his nappy? DD has occasionally had orange stripes in hers but it seems to be something inside the nappy rather than coming out of her.

JanH · 02/01/2005 16:56


melbob · 03/01/2005 16:49


Thanks everyone.

I thInk it is probably a combination of sweet potato, carrots and a bit of dehydration as he has a cold and is off his food a bit.

BAby clinic on tomorrow so will speak to HV

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