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Leg Fracture

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Kaziah · 05/12/2002 22:40

I have had a horrible shock today. My 11 month old DD has a full leg plaster cast of her right leg, after I slipped on our wooden stairs at home whilst holding her. I badly bruised my thigh and elbow, and she did not fall on to the stairs, or hit her head, as I held on to her. I feel so terrible, as she also has such bad cough and her leg is hurting her. She will not eat much and is sleeping with us, as she cries when she cannot roll over in her cot.

The consultant said the small fracture, which is just above her knee, should heal in a week, and she can have the cast removed then if it has. I am really worried, that this could possibly cause problems in the future, as she is so young and she has not started walking yet, but does crawl alot. Has this happened to anyone else's child under the age of one? I would like to also use natural remedies or homeopathy to help the healing process and releive pain - does anyone know any good ones? Thanks

OP posts:
clucks · 05/12/2002 22:47

I am so sorry you've gone through this. I do not have experience of this personally but have fallen holding my child and know how you must feel. I'm sure it won't affect her walking etc, especially as the consultant reassures healing within a week.

susanmt · 06/12/2002 01:16

I don't have experience of this with my own children, but a friend of mine accidentally threw her 12 month old ds down the stairs at her dad's house when she tripped over the dog! He had a broken arm and was in plaster for 3 weeks, and it has done him no harm at all. He is now 5 and there have been no ongoing problems with his arm at all.
Take care of yourself - you are probably feeling far worse than she is!

SueDonim · 06/12/2002 07:24

Nothing like that has occured to my family but I know of two babies who had leg (thigh)fractures. One fell off the bed while the other learnt to crawl upstairs, unbeknown to mum, and came back down the hard way. :-( Neither of them were affected once the break healed and in fact the second child went on to do gymnastics! Children heal so quickly and well that I'm sure your dd will be fine.

SofiaAmes · 06/12/2002 13:15

My 14 year oldgodson in the us broke his leg and knee quite badly a few months ago and the doctor said that he was right on the edge of it possibly giving him a lifetime of trouble. From what he was saying it sounded like childhood injuries tend to heal very well and don't cause permanent damage as the bones are very flexible and still growing at that age. Don't worry. Your bruises will probably take longer to heal than hers.
I think I should consider myself lucky. My ds has thrown himself down the stairs (couldn't wait for me to do i guess) twice and the worst he got was a bump on the head. I felt guilty enough about that. I am sure you must be feeling terrible, but don't beat yourself up too much. We are only human and you can't lock your kids in a closet for the rest of their lives.

Kaziah · 07/12/2002 09:54

Thanks very much for making me worry a bit less! I hope DD recovers well like the babies, susanmtand suedonim mentioned.

I am still feeling sad about what has happened, even though I know it was an accident. DD is still off her food, and frustrated at not being able to do anything, but she has smiled and feels a bit more jolly. I am hoping her fracture will heal pretty quick, and be back to being mobile soon.

OP posts:
helenmc · 07/12/2002 17:15

Kaziah - my brother had fell off a mountain whilst mountaineering. When x-rayed they discovered he'd broken his wrist as a baby and it had healed perfectly ok. Then there was the time my mum tried over the rug and throw my olders ister acorss the room. So don't worry, accidents do happen, and I'm sure dd will be fine in a couple of days. Have you got arnica cream on your bruises, I bet you're sore as well. wishing you well

Kaziah · 07/12/2002 22:57

I am using the Arnica cream, Helenmc. Thanks for the tip. I know children tend to heal quickly, yet I am worrying about everything. DD is trying to stand up but realising she cannot due to the plaster. We will all be most glad when she has her plaster taken off, and her fracture has healed well.

OP posts:
MalmoMum · 24/12/2002 23:03

Kaziah, my heart really goes out to you. The doctors should be able to tell you if the fracture is on a crucial area. Ds1 badly broke his femur at 21 months and was in traction for 5 weeks and 2 months later you would have been hard pressed to know that anything had occured.

Now (fracture in July) and is jumping and hopping everywhere. It was tiring for us has he could not be left alone at the hospital and I was 8 months pregnant.

I do recommend lots of video tapes to keep you all happy, a big magna doodle and lots of bubbles.

Hope it's better now

MalmoMum · 24/12/2002 23:06

If she is trying to stand up then she is prob fine. We got ds1 out of traction when he could sleep on his stomach despite having is front legs in traction and could crawl off the bed without a qualm.

When there is no pain they are fine.

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