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Strangulated Testicle...Ds had to have a emergency op last night...

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makealist · 29/12/2004 19:49

yesterday Ds1 was complaining of a pain in his "balls" He was oohing alot and told us that he'd had the pain a few hours and had come home for a lie down, hoping it would go away. Not quite sure what to do and asked him a few questions as had he bumped them? were they swollen? had he been "fiddling" with them? all answered no, The pain seemed to be getting worse and in the end he reluctently showed them to me and his father (that was when I knew something was really wrong, as ds1 is a very mature 5foot10, shaving for the past year 13 year old. We haven't seen down below for at least 3 years!! So I phoned up the A&E and they told me to bring him in.
At A&E it took us just 7 minutes to see the triarge nurse, then the Dr came straight away. We arrived just after 5.30 at 7.00 he was in theatre!!
The surgeon told us that he had a strangulated testicle, which wasn't life threatening, but was testicle threatening and they had to operate within 6 to 8 hours of it first happening or else the testicle could die! The worse thing for me was signing the consent form giving them permission to remove it if it was too late to save it. I felt sick.
Thankfully the operation was a success, they managed to save it. What they did was to cut open the scrotum untwist the testicle and stitch it too the side to stop it twisting around again, then they stitched the other one as well to be on the safe side. Ds was allowed home at lunchtime today and just has to take it easy . No PE etc for the next 4 to 6 weeks.

One thing ds said to me was the pain was worse than having a baby!! Of course I laughed and said "I don't think so" to which ds replied if it hurt as much as this to have a baby, women would only ever have 1 child !!!
(To be fair he was on morphine, and I must admit I don't remember being offered that during labour

OP posts:
blossomhill · 29/12/2004 19:51

Makealist - Poor love. That sounds really painful. Glad the hospital managed to save it though, that is good news
Hugs Blossomhillxxx

jampots · 29/12/2004 19:51

poor ds makealist - esp at that sort of age. Hope he gets better very soon xx

SantaGoesToTheGym · 29/12/2004 20:08

Make a list, my darling Bro had this, he is now DF to my DGC and he has stopped at one for monetary reasons for the time being.

They conceived within 3 months of putting their back into it, not saying he is the keeper of super sperm just that it made no difference.

Rang DB, told tale re your DS and his comment, oh go away my eyes are watering just remembering.

saintnikcolas · 29/12/2004 20:08

hope he gets well soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

throckenrobin · 29/12/2004 20:27

DH had that when he was a teenager - his parents didn't realise what it was and didn't react so quickly. He lost the testicle - but didn't stop us having 3 kids .

Hope your boy is ok now.

makealist · 29/12/2004 20:28

Yes santa, it seems to have this effect on the males, dh can't even bring himself to say what ds op was for, he just says "mens problems" and glances downwards

OP posts:
Gobbledigook · 29/12/2004 20:31

My brother had this years ago at about the same age (is it called 'torsion of the testes' or something like that?). Apparently he went all day at school in agony too embarrassed to tell anyone and went all evening at home before telling Mum. It still breaks my heart to this day that he went through it as it sounds excrutiating. He too had an op very quickly and all was well.

Glad your ds is OK now - poor thing.

Pipsalenabumsquash · 18/07/2010 23:58

My son has just had an op for a strangulated testicle. He was turned away from one hospital in agony and near to collapse and told to get a cab, with no money and on his own due to the fact that they did not have
an urology deparment. Luckily he made it to the next hospital within the 6 hour danger zone (just) and he went into surgery the same day. he has alreay lost one testicle so it was vital he was treated immediately. Very scary morning. Needless to say a letter has been written to the Chief Executive. I know hospitals have to save money where they can but not by putting patients at such risk!!!

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