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NDP NEEDS YOUR HELP ! Natural laxatives for my 2y 5m DD ?

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NameChangingMancMidlander · 28/12/2004 11:30

DD is writhing in pain and crying shouting 'my bum hurts, i need a poo-poo'. She doesn't normally have trouble with poos, so I assume she's constipated. We're encouraging her to drink but really she needs to get the poo out ! We've given her a warm bath and a tummy massage to no avail. What natural laxatives are available and safe to use on a 2.5 year old ?


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SantaQuated · 28/12/2004 11:34

pure orange juice if she'll drink it.
plus exercise. take her out with a ball; she'll forget about it (hopefully) and the exercise stimulates the bowel - bit like a rigourous tummy massage

NewbarnsleygirlWalliams · 28/12/2004 11:35

Have you tried fresh fruit juice and lot's of it?! The other thing to try is when you rub her tummy, pull her legs up into her chest when she's lying on the floor. It's a technique used in baby massage for wind so it might work.
Good luck, Hope she feels better soon.

lockets · 28/12/2004 11:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch · 28/12/2004 11:39

Dried apricots should work and agree with the exercise and apple juice and/or lots of water.

NameChangingMancMidlander · 28/12/2004 11:51

Thanks so much, I'll stock up on dried fruits and juices !

OP posts:
Gobbledigoose · 28/12/2004 12:27

Raisins? I think you can buy Califig which is extract of figs.

I would def go for the exercise option and the juice though.

Hope she's OK NDP - my ds1 gets constipated despite huge amounts of fluid and lots of fruit and it's horrible.

NameChangingMancMidlander · 28/12/2004 12:30

DH and I have said we'll take her out for a walk in the woods when he gets back from BIL2's house.

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Donbean · 28/12/2004 12:39

I used to buy tins of prunes, de seed them bung them in the food processor and mix a T spoon in his brecky. Cheap, disgusting a bit faffy but freezes well. You can freeze in ice cube trays and they last for donkeys. Cant be detected in food either so you can mix in just about any thing. HTHx

bottle · 28/12/2004 12:42

flax seeds (linseeds) ground in a coffee grinder and added to breakfast are great for constipation, hope she feels better soon

fuzzywuzzy · 28/12/2004 12:43

Apparantly pineapple juice, my neighbour told me it worked wonders for her little one when he was going through something similar. Good luck

OLittleYurtofBethlehem · 28/12/2004 13:34

I agree with Donbean - I often make pear puree - 4 BIG tins of pears pureed with 1 small tin of prunes - freeze in ice cube trays - really nice with weetabix, yoghurt, porridge

Also if ds eats 2 kiwis that seems to have an affect!!!!!!!!!

Eaney · 28/12/2004 14:51

Prune juice works very effectively. Beware it can cause tummy cramps in some people. Lot of water soluable fibre e.g. porridge. Make sure they drnk a lot of water as well.

ChicPea · 28/12/2004 14:59

If you can't wait for the fruit to take effect, Lactulase is fantastic and as a sugar solution is palatable for a child and is gentle.

SantaGoesToTheGym · 28/12/2004 15:41

Home popped popcorn, works a treat. Poor little lamb.

NameChangingMancMidlander · 28/12/2004 18:33

Well we went for our walk, via the pharmacy. The Pharmacist told us tht she wouldn't recommend lactulose or other over-the-counter laxatives until DD had been 'blocked' for 48 hours.

I took all the advice re fruit juices etc and she drank a pint of apple juice and ate 3 boxes of raisins and a big plate of beans on wholemeal toast. The good news is that it seems to have worked . DD has been able to relieve herself a bit and seems much more comfortable.

Thanks again for all the help

OP posts:
GeorginaAdventCalendar · 28/12/2004 18:39

Glad to hear she's a bit more comfy, NCMM - poor little mite

NameChangingMancMidlander · 28/12/2004 18:44

She'll be fine in the morning, I'm sure. She's normally as regular as you like . Generally we're treated (ahem) to at least 3 dirty nappies a day. Lucky us

Georgina, check your email.... Cheers

OP posts:
SantaGoesToTheGym · 29/12/2004 15:11

So did she deliver

NameChangingMancMidlander · 29/12/2004 18:51

OH YES !!!

OP posts:
SantaGoesToTheGym · 29/12/2004 19:16

You lucky girl

Funny though isn't it, you get fed up doing pooie nappies and then when they dry up, you miss them, Mummies are strange creatures.

NameChangingMancMidlander · 29/12/2004 19:17

Thankfully it was Daddy's turn [devil-horned emoticon]

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