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Another willy questions

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Discoinferno · 27/12/2004 18:52

My Son is just 1 and lately at the base of his willy, where it is attaced to the rest of his body iyswim there is a red ring which sometimes seeps. ANyone any ideas on how to treat it without bringing him to the GP. Thanks.

OP posts:
sallyhollyberry · 27/12/2004 18:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tillykins · 27/12/2004 18:55

Not heard of this before but I would take him to an NHS walk in centre if you don't want to go to the GP, maybe its a fungal infection that canaesten would clear up?

ChristmasCracker · 27/12/2004 18:57

My ds sometimes gets the red ring but i don't think it has ever weeped. I usually just put sudocream or something similar on it and it clears up within a few days.

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