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How long does it take to get over a broken foot

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Loobz · 27/12/2004 18:48

I broke my foot on the 13th November and was in plaster for three weeks. Since having the plaster removed I still can't walk in any of my shoes (only trainers - which I am sick of the sight of), my foot is still swollen and painful and I still can't drive. Was at hospital last week but felt the doctor was very vague when I asked him this question. Am desperate to get back to work - yes I know - I'm deranged!!!

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tillykins · 27/12/2004 19:04

I would have thought if the plaster was off it would be all better now Loobz, can you see your GP? Or ring NHS direct and ask them?

tillykins · 27/12/2004 19:05

and yes, definitely deranged, I would love time off work though perhaps not enough to go and break my foot

jmg1 · 27/12/2004 19:07

I have broken many bones - from my neck down to my big toe, I am not a Doctor but in my experience you may need to get it Xrayed again if it is still painful and they removed the plaster.

Loobz · 27/12/2004 19:43

I see my GP on Wednesday, don't go back to hospital until 2nd February! Will wait until I see GP but I thought it should have been getting better by now too. I also thought that the swelling should be down but it's not. Was at the shops for an hour and a half today and was crying with the pain when I came home. This is now coming up for my 7th week off work and I want back - I love my work and I get paid when off sick so definately deranged Just sooooo bored!!!

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Demented · 27/12/2004 21:13

Oh no, don't say this my DH broke his foot three and a half weeks ago and is due to get the stookie off on Wednesday. One thing they did say to him at the hospital, a week after his fall when they re x-rayed the foot, was that the bones didn't seem to be knitting together and if there was no improvement he would need to have a pin put in to force the bones back together. Perhaps it is something like that.

I would imagine it is driving you mad not being able to get about, hope you get is sorted soon.

Loobz · 27/12/2004 21:48

Hello Demented, yes, it is driving me mad. I was actually more mobile when I had the flaming stookie on!!! Christmas shopping was fun NOT!!! Hope your DH recovers okay. One of the girls at work had to have pins put in as hers didn't heal properly but she is well on the mend now. I just don't know if I'm expecting too much too soon - I just hate not being active and independent

OP posts:
Demented · 27/12/2004 21:56

Oh no (again)! I was taking his mobility with the stookie as a good sign! So it could get worse!!!

Loobz · 27/12/2004 22:23

I can honestly say that I was far more mobile with the stookie on. Was at the stage where I only needed painkillers at night time but I've had painkillers already today and my bl**dy foots still sore. Could maybe understand it if I'd overdone it yesterday or whatever but never moved from house at all yesterday. Christams day, we went to eldest son's for dinner - got taxi there and sat around for hours then couldn't get shoe back on because foot was swollen (was determined I was NOT going out in trainers on Christmas day)I was hoping to get back to work on 3rd January along with the rest of my colleagues but I still can't drive and I do a fair bit of driving at work - Just so fed up.
Will let you know what GP says on Wednesday and you can let me know how your DH gets on when he gets his stookie off.

OP posts:
jmg1 · 27/12/2004 22:25

loobz, from what you are saying I think you should get to a&e to be xrayed again.

Loobz · 27/12/2004 22:37

Hi jmq1, did wonder if this was normal. Thing is my foot doesn't look right, it looks as if there's a lump and it's still bruised. Going to hit the painkillers then my bed!!!

OP posts:
jmg1 · 27/12/2004 22:40

I think either it had not healed properly when they took off the plaster or it was almost healed but it has broken again.
When you went in to have the plaster off did they xray it again? they would normally.

Loobz · 27/12/2004 22:59

No they didn't xray it when they took the plaster off. When I asked how long it would be before the pain went, the doctor said I could be in pain for some weeks to come. I've never broken anything before (although goodness knows how because I fall all the time )but I really thought it would have been better by now. I also asked how long it would be before I could drive and was told that I would know myself when I was ready. I haven't attempted to drive because I know that my foot couldn't cope with it.

OP posts:
Demented · 04/01/2005 17:33

How's the foot Loobz?

My DH got his plaster off almost a week ago and seems to be fine, although he does have to be careful with it and can get a little pain if he knocks it or walks too far.

Hope your's is a bit better now.

Loobz · 04/01/2005 17:50

Hi Demented,
Mine is getting better - I went back to work yesterday but still can't drive - which is fun cos I do a fair bit of driving at work. I bought flat shoes for going back to work but they are so uncomfy - spent much of the day in my bare feet much to my managers amusement
Doctor was saying that it will take time for swelling to go completely and that pain can take months to go. She also wanted me to have another two weeks off work but persuaded her to let me go back. I hate being off work.
Hope your Dh's foot continues to heal well.

OP posts:
Demented · 05/01/2005 10:06

Sounds like it's getting better slowly Loobz. Doesn't sound like much fun though!

Loobz · 05/01/2005 20:31

My problem is that I have no patience with things like this. I expect to have the plaster removed and for my foot to be back to mornal. Work this week is doing my head in. I've been told not to drive so I've had to rely on colleagues to run me to appointments and I hate it - I'm just so used to being independent! Going to try to drive next week though and see how I get on. Think I should have asked Santa for some patience.

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