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Dr David Pugh jailed for falsifying measles immunity results

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donnie · 22/12/2004 15:18

I have been following the progress of this case with interest as he administered dd's measles vaccination.When the Elstree clinic closed down we had her tested for measles immunity and she was immune, luckily, but apparently he admitted falsifying 4 results of immunity with children he had originally immunised during the 'dangerous' period ( when the vaccines weren't stored correctly or whatever it was). Just read it on Yahoo news but incapable of doing links yet, sorry! Was anyone else here affected by this at all? I would be very interested to know/hear from other parents who had dealings with Dr Pugh.

OP posts:
WigWamBam · 22/12/2004 15:22

Report here

Kaysleighbells · 22/12/2004 16:13

My ds2 had two of his three jabs at Elstree. There are some threads in the archives from when it happened as there were a few of us affected on here. I decided not to have the blood tests offered after from Elstree as i just didn't trust them so ds2 had to go through a whole new set of jabs at another clinic.

I hope Mr Pugh has a very unpleasant xmas.

Uwila · 23/12/2004 10:20

What a schmuck. I too hope he has a bad Christmas. Find it a bit amusing that he was living in a place called "Runaway". I also think he should refund every penny he made on the vaccines in question.

Davrosthesnowwoman · 23/12/2004 11:01

Thanks for that link. I run a support group for parents with children with autism in North London and we have close links with another group in Herts. I'm sure some of our members saw Dr Pugh. Does anyone know if he also offered Secretin jabs? I know there's a Dr who gave saline solution and not secretin (even though secretin has been proved ineffective). I've always been very skeptical about these people who make money out of vulnerable parents but many parents are so desperate they won't listen to caution.

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