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What is this lump in my wrist?

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anorak · 15/12/2004 20:01

I have a lump in the middle of the inside of my wrist, just under the surface, circular, about 5mm in diameter, hard to the touch but not painful, and it's the same colour as the blood vessels visible through the skin. I just noticed it today. Can anybody tell me what it is please?

OP posts:
Donbean · 15/12/2004 20:03

Ganglion...probably. Can be removed, not harmful or sinister. Get an appointment with your GP. Dont worry, HTH x

SantaClausfrau · 15/12/2004 20:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DoesntChristmasDragOn · 15/12/2004 20:05

Ganglion cyst?

MrsBigDrumsADrumming · 15/12/2004 20:05

I'm with Donbean on that one... very likely to be a ganglion. I usually get them due to pressure to one particular spot on my wrist when overusing the mouse & keyboard. Mine usually go away by themselves, but if they don't it's not a major procedure. So don't worry too much and go and see your GP for some advice.

anorak · 15/12/2004 20:16

Wow, thank you all for responding so quickly

I think you are right, I have had a look at a couple of websites and it certainly looks like a ganglion cyst. Nice to know it's not harmful and I do not need to rush to the surgery!

I love mn, it must save millions for the NHS!

OP posts:
paolosgirl · 15/12/2004 20:19

Ganglion? Aren't ou supposed to whack them with the family bible or somesuch - or is that an old wives tale?

anorak · 15/12/2004 20:20

What? Not another ancient form of wife-abuse!

Dunno about that paolosgirl! What's a family bible?

OP posts:
paolosgirl · 15/12/2004 20:24

I've no idea what a family bible is . I think you're supposed to whack them yourself with the tome!

anorak · 15/12/2004 20:34

So it's self-abuse with a family bible then! For shame

OP posts:
futurity · 15/12/2004 20:48

i had one when i was younger on my wrist and was told the story about hitting it with bible. I didn't do that but i did hit it a few times (it really annoyed me!) and it did disappear!

80sMum · 15/12/2004 20:56

I have a ganglion on my left wrist that's been there for about 8 years. My GP said to leave it alone if it's not bothersome, and usually it isn't. I think surgery should be a last resort if it becomes painful; otherwise, better the devil you know.
I also have my great great grandmother's Family Bible btw. It's a huge heavy thing that I wouldn't fancy dropping onto my delicate wrist! I have heard of the old wives tale but chose to ignore it!

prufRockingAroundtheXmasTree · 15/12/2004 21:00

A ganglion is just a fluid filled cyst, so whacking it with a heavy book, eg the family bible, usually bursts it and it will just go away. It hurts like hell whne they burst though. I've got my second atm, in the same spot as before.

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