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5 in 1

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nailpolish · 13/12/2004 21:09

dd2 has her 5 in 1 jab on friday. shes 8 wks now. dd1 had the 3 in 1 and i gave her calpol an hr before it as instructed to by hv. should i do the same with dd2? is it the same as the 3 in 1, are they prone to fever, pain etc or are there different side effects and what are they? has anyone elses baby had the 5 in 1 yet? TIA xxx

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EbonyZebraScrooge · 13/12/2004 21:13

I gave DS calpol half an hour before his jabs (he's had 2 lots of the 5-in-1) and it seemd to help him a lot with the pain. He barely noticed the first time. I'll do that again.
I am sure someone else said this happened to their baby after 5-in-1... DS came up with a huge bruise the 2nd time he had it. Kind of scarey, but went away after a few days. He had fever that night, too, after the 2nd lot.

nailpolish · 13/12/2004 21:15

thanks. when do they get the 2nd dose of 5 in 1? is it only 2 in total? i know i should ask hv this but i can never get a hold of her

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Laylasmum · 13/12/2004 21:16

if you want to give her some calpol then do ! the amount of vaccines that babies get now is exactly the same as before except that the polio is now injected rather than given as drops and the vaccinations can still give temps and cause grumpiness!! There are no new side effects with the 5 in 1 jab as opposed to the old jab can still get a small lump in leg for a while after aswell!! Hope this helps !!

nailpolish · 13/12/2004 21:19

very helpful laylasmum.

isnt it such a shame giving them that massive jab into their wee chubby legs? i really feel for them, wish i could take it for her, im dreading it. Sad

although dd1 never batted an eyelid!

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EbonyZebraScrooge · 13/12/2004 21:20

They still get 3 doses, Nailpolish. DS is due to have his 3rd next week, actually. This thread is reminding me that I have to work so will reschedule it (he's already had all of them late, anyway!).
I am glad that I read about the lump on leg here, though; my older children didn't get any lumps with the old-style jabs, but they slept more than usual (which was bliss at the time :) )

nailpolish · 13/12/2004 21:24

poor ds - still he'll be glad when its all done (and you!)

its good they dont have to take that mingin polio orally any more i suppose.

erm, Blush can you remind me quickly what ages the 2nd and 3rd doses are again please?

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