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Progesterone injections to prevent PND - any experiences??

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percy · 21/11/2002 11:34

I have just been looking into using progesterone injections to prevent PND - looks really interesting. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience of this? Thanks in advance.

OP posts:
Rhubarb · 21/11/2002 15:09

Yes. But be careful as your hormone levels may be different. If you have too much oestrogen or not enough progesterone, then the injections will be fine for you. But if you are the other way around then the injections may make you even more depressed.

If your GP thinks they will suit you, then go for them, they worked for me! Only thing is that you have them in your bum for 7 days, which makes it difficult to sit! Then you have suppositories until your next period starts, so not for the squeamish! A hassle but well worth it! Do a search on The Dalton Regime (as it's commonly called) for more info on it.

percy · 21/11/2002 17:38

Rhubarb - how can you find out if you have too much oestrogen? My understanding was that your progesterone/ oestrogen balance changes after labout and to go ahead with the progesterone injections you need to know in advance?
Sorry if these are naive questions - I haven't seen my GP about this yet.
About the sitting down - I couldn't bloomin' sit down for at least a week last time because of the piles anyway - ho ho.

OP posts:
janh · 21/11/2002 21:08

I once tried progestogen cream - it came with a tiny scoop and I had to rub a given number of scoops (forget how many - maybe just one) into skin on inside of wrist every day.

Made no difference at all....I HATE HORMONES.

Rhubarb · 22/11/2002 14:04

Percy - your hormonal levels do change after labour, so if you have a hormonal imbalance now, you could be more prone to PND after labour. As far as determining what your hormone levels are, well no-one can really, which is why hormonal treatment is so hit and miss. Your GP should have a good idea of what is best for you. But to give you an idea, have you taken the combined pill? Did it make you depressed? The combined pill contains oestrogen, so if it made you depressed then it is likely (not certain) that progesterone treatments will be ok. Have you ever tried the mini-pill? Did that work for you? Again, all of these things you will probably have to discuss with your GP first.

percy · 23/11/2002 09:46

thanks so much rhubarb - I'll make an appt with my GP on monday. Yes, about 10 years ago I took the combined pill and felt very depressed (and got very fat!). Its such an interesting thing this whole hormone business....

OP posts:
foo · 22/12/2002 07:04

I suffered from severe PND with my dd . I am now pregnant again and anxious to avoid the same experience . When I asked my GP about progesterone treatment in time for the new arrival , he said that he knew nothing about it . I intend to compile my own research for him but if he is unable or unwilling to prescribe it , does anyone know how else I can get hold of it ?

Rhubarb · 28/12/2002 16:26

Foo - ask your midwife, they are the ones who will be injecting you and they have all the info available, or your Health Visitor. Although I must say your GP sounds very ignorant, the injections have been around for quite a while now, years in fact, and he really should be keeping up to date. If he doesn't know about this, what else doesn't he know? I would change GPs if I were you!

robinw · 28/12/2002 21:36

message withdrawn

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