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antidepressants - pregnancy and feeding

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dawniy · 12/12/2004 16:12

We are wanting a baby really lots and lots but currently i have to be on antidepressants - has anyone any advice or experience???:( I'm a mum of 3 but am now with a devoted new husband.

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feastofstevenmom · 12/12/2004 17:31

my experience - I ended up on Prozac at 30 weeks pg - problems with OCD/depression whilst PG. I was actually encouraged to bf by my psychiatrist whilst on Prozac - he felt that my baby was less likely to experience withdrawal symptoms after birth if I bfed. apparently there are small traces of prozac in breast milk, but they don't affect the baby.

in general - docs are ultra cautious about any medication being taken whilst PG - ADs like prozac are so modern that there just isn't the research that shows they are 100% safe during PG - tho equally research that has been done on PG women who have taken Prozac/SSRIs tends to show that it's not likely to cause problems. so the decision about ads and pg tend to be taken on a case by case basis - the doc would weigh up the benefit to you of being less depressed against the possible risk to the baby of any medication - and a doc would probably err on the side of caution if they felt that you could manage without it.

probably a good idea to speak to your GP/psychiatrist if you have one whilst TTC about what they think should do - if you should try and stop it, decrease it, or just carry on as normal if you get PG.

best of luck

jabberwocky · 12/12/2004 17:37

I was put on Zoloft while bf and I think it's OK should I get pregnant again, although we are not planning to do so. If you are on something else, perhaps ask your OB about switching to this one.

dawniy · 12/12/2004 22:52

thank you both for your replies it's really nice to feel somebody wants to lend an ear! - i'm on escitalopram and beta blockers - diagnosed possible bipolar disorder but quite stable now my medication is right - my new hubby and I are Very broody and I've not dared mention it to my GP yet.
Some people just don't understand you can be too ill to teach (my job) cos of stress - but quite able to live and carry on your life - and our life won't be complete without being parents together. DH only 30 and no kids of his own.

thanks for the breastfeeding advice too :)

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