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Rash appeared all over (my) body.

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Rosy · 19/11/2002 22:16

I wonder if anybody could help me with this. Over the last few days red, itchy spots have appeared in patches all over my body, especially on my upper back, neck, scalp and behind my ears. Then there are other spots all over the rest of my body, some in raised patches like nettle stings. I was at the doctor's today for a check-up, but he wasn't very helpful at all - seemed to think it was all to do with pregnancy hormones going round in my body, and didn't suggest any other reason for it. All he's suggested is using moisturiser and a mild soap. As far as I know, I haven't changed washing powder or soap or anything recently.

Sound familiar to anyone? Any suggestions as to what's causing it, or what I can do to get rid of it?

OP posts:
kkgirl · 19/11/2002 22:26


Is it actually spots or is it big patches. As you mentioned nettle stings it reminded me of urticaria or hives which both of my boys have had and it comes and goes. Really weird.

jasper · 19/11/2002 22:29

Rosy how far on in your pregnancy are you?
I had dreadful itching in pregnancy, with and without small spots / a lumpy rash. It should be checked out though as I recall there is some rare problem to do with your liver which can occur in pregnancy and itching is a symptom. I had a blood sample taken to exclude it.
Chamomile cream with added menthol helped in the early stages but later I took piriton as it got so bad.

SofiaAmes · 19/11/2002 23:04

Rosy, are you in the last few months of pregnancy? If so, you've probably got PUPPA (I think that's what it's called). I got the same thing for the last 2 months of my first pregnancy. Basically the pregnancy hormones make you allergic to yourself. The only thing I found that worked on it was a prickly heat powder from China. My gp was as unhelpful as yours and suggested calomine lotion and giving birth. (It does go away within hours of giving birth.) good luck

prufrock · 20/11/2002 09:09

Rosy if it is accompanied by itching, (especially on your extremeties) you MUST have a Liver Function test to check for obstetric cholestatsis. I had this and it can be very dangerous after 37 weeks if not diagnosed and managed. A LFT will check for raised transemanines. But don't panic because it's fine if they know about it and is a 1 in 2000 thing anyway - but better safe than sorry. Many doctors and midwives seem to not know much about this so you may have to insist on the blood test.

aloha · 20/11/2002 10:05

If the itching is unbearable Piriton is safe in pregnancy, according to my GP and the book that chemists have (can't remember the name) and is given for severe sickness. But obviously you should talk to your GP when you are getting yourself properly checked out. Its a rashy, itchy morning on mumsnet, isn't it?

Bobbins · 20/11/2002 12:55

I don't want to panic you, but please do have this checked out Rosy. My cousin lost a full term baby as she had undiagnosed cholestasis. It wasn't spotted at all, even though she complained of the itching.

IDismyname · 20/11/2002 22:20

I agree with Bobbins about the test. I too had itching (but no rash) in the last month or so of my pg. They did a LFT, and all seemed well, so I went and had the baby a week or two later. They scanned me after using ultrasound, and liver was just fine. Still no idea why it happened.

SofiaAmes · 20/11/2002 23:49

wow, I had terrible terrible itching with my rash and no one mentioned anything about testing for anything.

KMG · 21/11/2002 07:23

My sympathies Rosy - I had appalling rashes and itching, especially on my legs and tummy for the last three months of pregnancy - they did the liver test, and it was fine, and I got very little sypathy for the rashes ... but they were horrid - extremely painful. I found cool baths helpful, and plastering in a thick calamine cream the GP prescribed, but no major relief - except giving birth. As SofiaAmes says, it disappears like magic when the baby comes out!

To encourage you too - I've had three boys, and this only happened with the middle pregnancy - so don't assume it will happen again. Good luck!

prufrock · 21/11/2002 09:22

Many midwives and doctors don't know much about obstetric cholestasis Sofia Ames. When I was in hospital with my mulitude of internet sourced research I was explaining my condition to some of the midwives!

mears · 21/11/2002 09:29

You definately should be offered a blood test to rule out obstetric cholestasis. You may well find that piriton will help the symptoms - very uncomfortable for you. Sometimes a referral to a dermatologist is helpful.

prufrock · 21/11/2002 09:50

On a more helpful note, I found that keeping the area cold helped. I slathered on calamine lotion which I kept in the fridge, and wiped the itchy areas with ice packs to cool them down. At my worst I slept (well, lay in bed) with my hands encased in those wine coolers that you freeze then wrap around the bottle.

Rosy · 21/11/2002 12:11

Thanks for your advice everyone, and your sympathy! We now have a midwife centre in town, so I think I'll just phone them and make an appointment with them directly. I'm 26 weeks at the moment, so I don't think there's an immediate danger for o.c. Until then I'll just head along to the chemist's for a bumper tub of calamine lotion. Roll on end of February!

OP posts:
anais · 21/11/2002 21:57

Urghh, I had this too with my first pg. Fortunately I only got it in the last week, but it was MURDER. It was everywhere and soooo itchy I couldn't sleep. My GP didn't take it seriously at all. I'd read about OC and was concerned but nobody wanted to know. After repeated visits to the doc they finally sent me to the hospital for a blood test. I never actually found out the results as immediately after I left hospital I went into labour. Not much use for you I'm afraid, just sympathy really. Do get it checked out - INSIST they get you a blood test, but don't worry.

issywoo · 25/02/2003 15:33

there are 2 pregnancy related rashes which this could be. either PUPPS which is a rash with no blisters that is fairly common but there is also a more serious auto-immune disease brought on by pregnancy called Pemphigoid Gestationis. this is extremely unpleasant as well as being very rare so part of the problem is in getting diagnosed. your body becomes painfully itchy and you develop blisters on any part of your body. the treatment is oral steroids which work fast and effectively for most people. i developed this disease in my first pregnancy and am part of a support group which has about 30 members so far. if you think you may have this disease i would be very interested to hear from you as we are trying to raise awareness and encourage research into this horrible disease. my email address is [email protected]

efmach · 25/02/2003 17:21

prufrock, another fellow O.C. sufferer! I had this for all three of my pregnancies, it's awful, isn't it? The last pregnancy was the worst. My liver tests were hideously abnormal and they had to deliver my baby at 37 weeks. The delivery was extremely problematic and eventful but thankfully everything is fine now. I didn't have a visible rash but suffered incredible itching especially on the palms of my hands and soles of my feet? All I can say is never again!!

Amity · 26/09/2003 17:34

Anyone else out there ever had obstetric cholestasis?

pupuce · 26/09/2003 18:27

Prufrock did... did you do a search ?

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