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Are you stressed? Good online test

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happymerryberries · 11/12/2004 07:53


Gives you an excellent evaluation of how stressed you are. Try it and see if you are letting Christmas get to you.

OP posts:
jane313 · 11/12/2004 08:33

the cows winning!

WigWamBam · 11/12/2004 20:42

Erm ... how exactly does a picture of a dolphin and a cow evaluate how stressed you are? I think I must be missing something ... [quizzical emoticon]

Hulababy · 11/12/2004 20:55

Confused too???

But the dolphin is as cute as ever :)

happymerryberries · 11/12/2004 21:24

Sorry brain fart at work. I posted the wrong link

OP posts:
misdee · 11/12/2004 21:26

made me giggle Grin

WigWamBam · 11/12/2004 21:43

Ah - now I see!


hercyulelog · 11/12/2004 21:44
TheHollyAndTheTwiglett · 11/12/2004 21:45
Hulababy · 12/12/2004 09:28

Grin I see now!

golds · 12/12/2004 09:35

I well and truly need a holiday Grin

happymerryberries · 12/12/2004 09:42

Jus goes to show how stressed I was that I posted the wrong link Blush

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