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Having tonsils and adenoids out and grommets in ear

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emmaob · 09/12/2004 10:36


Hello, I am new to this board and need a little reassurance. My little boy is twenty months old and has constant ear infections. I have taken him to a specialist who recommended that he needs his tonsils and adenoids out and grommets in his ears as he has glue ear. We think it's affecting his speech as i dont' think he can hear very well. He is having the operation next week and i can hardly sleep for worrying about it. I know it's a minor operation and it's for his own good but it's worrying about the anesthetic and if something goes wrong rather than think of the benefits on the other side. Has anyone had their child go through this who could give me some reassurance
Emmaob :(

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AimsmumTheRedNoseReindeer · 09/12/2004 10:41

Hi emmaob, my daughter (who has just turned 4) had grommits put in last thursday. It was thought that she might need her tonsils and adenoids out too, but in the end she never. She has had problems with her ears for about 2 years. I was so worried about the op last week too, but it couldn't have gone better. She was taken to theatre at 10.30, was out at 11 and home by 2 o clock. She has had no problems since and didn't need any pain relief afterwards. I realise it might be different with tonsils and adenoids, but I posted about this the other week, I'll try to find the thread for you now.

AimsmumTheRedNoseReindeer · 09/12/2004 10:45

heres the \link{\link}
Hope this reassures you. Any questions about the grommits let me know. And good luck I lnow how worrying it is beforehand Smile

sparklynorthernstar · 09/12/2004 10:48

Hi Emma, and welcome to MN. My ds had grommets in both ears this March aged 23 months. Like your son he had sufferred from countless ear infections which led to glue ear and a hearing impairment.

Like you I was besides myself with worry, yes it's only a minor operation and some children have to endure far worse procedures but it doesn't stop us worrying!

AS he's young you'll probably find taht on the day they'll try and get him into theatre first so ou're not waiting around too long. They only allow 1 parent into the anaesthitic (sp?) room and I went with my ds. This was by far the worst bit. The nurses and aneasthist were lovely and they all sang teletubbies to him. Once he was asleep I put him on the trolley and they wheeled him into theatre and I burst into tears. It is literally only a 5 minute procedure and within 20 minutes we were called to recovery to collect him, he had come round quickly and was very upset and disorientated and he clung to me asif his life depended on it. Once back on the ward teh nurses said he would sleep - he didn't. Within 15 minutes he was running around demanding toast and chattering away. We were back home for tea time. He was in no discomfort afterwards, and quite frankly it was the best thing for him. Since the op his specch has improved loads.

The tough part is no food or fluids before!

Good luck and I'm sure he'll be fine. It'll be worse for you than him [grin}

JJ · 09/12/2004 11:07

emmaob, I went through this a few years ago, but it was 2 separate operations. \link{\Here} is the info I got from lovely MNers on the adenoidectomy/tonsillectomy. Are you driving to the hospital or taking a cab? That's riskier for your son than having the anaesthesia. (That's meant to reassure you, btw! :) )

Hope it goes as well for you as it did for us.

MariNativityPlay · 09/12/2004 11:14

Hi emmaob,

My dd is 16 months and suffering from repeated ear infections with effusion. At her last specialist appointment they said they suspected she had glue ear and she may also have to have an adenoidectomy next year. I was so upset when I heard this.
Two different mums have told me that the operation takes a short time (and Aimsmum and Sparkly makes three and four!) and that their child's hearing problems went away completely thereafter.
Total sympathy about fretting over the op, but everything I have heard suggests it is a quick and effective fix for our children's problem...
Hugs and welcome to Mumsnet!

FlashingRudolphNose · 09/12/2004 11:39

My dd1 had her tonsils and adenoids out and grommits inserted when she was 2.5. Yes, it was very worrying (I thought I was going to be sick when they wheeled her off to theatre) but the difference it's made to her life is immeasurable. When she first woke up, she looked around and then tried to swallow, which was obviously very painful and that freaked her out considerably. She was very quiet and clingy for about 2 days afterwards (so if you have other children, I would strongly recommend either your dp or other friend/family member is on hand to look after them) and getting the painkillers down her was a complete nightmare, but after that, she recovered really quite quickly and hasn't looked back.

Good luck and lots of hugs to you both.

emmaob · 09/12/2004 14:13

thanks to all of you for giving me the reasurrance i need. It has made me feel like i am doing the right thing and it will be for the best in the end. Just can't wait to get it all over with. :)

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