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Help - dd has a painful lump behind her nipple

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Aniles · 06/12/2004 17:32

My 9 year old daughter has what feels like a small hard lump behind her nipple which is painful to touch. She said she first noticed it about 3 weeks ago. Has anybody any idea what it could be?

Thanks x

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MrsBigDrumsADrumming · 06/12/2004 17:35

sorry no idea, but I definitely would recommend seeing the nurse/GP about it. Might just be that she's starting to 'sprout'? I know 9 is young but...

Also could be a cyst? Friend of mine used to have them a lot when she was young and they were very painful to the touch.

Otherwise, do you know whether dd knocked herself maybe doing sports or so? Maybe it's just a deep bruise?

bahhumbug · 06/12/2004 17:37

I used to get a lot of cysts from about this age on - sebaceous, totally benign. Could be that. Definitely get it checked out.

tallulah · 06/12/2004 17:46

I've just had a thread on this very subject (except mine's a boy!)


OnZephyrstdayofXmas · 06/12/2004 18:18

sounds to me like maybe they're beginning to grow - i remember having a panic over the same thing

Aniles · 07/12/2004 19:27

Thank you for your messages. I'll not worry about it but make an appoinment at the doctors to be on the safe side Smile

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zebra · 07/12/2004 19:33

Mears had the same observation of her DD at same age, only 2 months ago \link{\here is her thread}; GP said it was normal breast development.

fastasleep · 07/12/2004 19:34

I remember this happening! I was 6 Shock, someone elbowed evily in the chest at school, then this painful lump appeared, the trauma triggered the growth of my breast - I had one boob for about a month and then the next came through, I know, I was incredibly young! TMI, but I also got proper pubic hair shortly afterwards... Don't worry too much, it is a really weird time for you both though! hugs

FlosstyTheSnowman · 08/12/2004 00:25

I remember this happening to me too! my mum (who is a nurse!) was very worried, took me to the doctors and explained to me that I might have to have an operation to remove the lump! I was ten and it was just my breasts developing, best to go to docs to reassure though!

Aniles · 20/12/2004 22:56

Well, I finally took dd to the doctor's today. He said it is quite common in young girls and boys, that doctor's don't know the cause but that it is nothing to worry about. He said they tend to come and go and are nothing to do with puberty.

So there you go, it's put my mind at ease anyway

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