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Help - can anyone recommend dentist in SW14 area?

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Willow2 · 08/11/2002 07:41

ANyone got any recommendations for good dentist in SW14/Richmond/Putney/Barnes etc area? Private or NHS.

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Rhubarb · 11/11/2002 14:43

If you go to and click on dentists, they will provide a list of dentists in your local area, plus what services they provide, whether they take NHS patients, what their charges are and even a map to show how far they are from where you are.

bettys · 11/11/2002 15:42

Two friends of mine from ante-natal class recommended Dr Alex Jabour in Castelnau 020 8563 7177. He's young and rather dishy (so my friends think), good with children, and either NHS or private. He's replaced some of my fillings very painlessly, which is always a good thing!

willow2 · 11/11/2002 20:02

ta v much chapesses

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