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I've developed a really annoying constant eye twitch- what could cause it?

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MommyD · 25/11/2004 13:35

Don't know why, but my left eye is constantly twitching (little muscle? spasms of the lower eyelid that are noticeable when looking in the mirror.)

Anyone know what could be the cause? It is SO irritating!! It has been pretty much constant today and yesterday.

OP posts:
Cadbury · 25/11/2004 13:36

I used to have one of those - caused by stress.

Tinker · 25/11/2004 13:37

You're tired

spacemonkey · 25/11/2004 13:38

Agree it's caused by fatigue and/or stress

beansmum · 25/11/2004 13:38

my sister had this after the first time she plucked her eyebrows. She was convinced she had pulled out something important! think it's just tiredness though

scaltygirl · 25/11/2004 13:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

almost40 · 25/11/2004 13:41

stress/fatigue. There were threads about this a long time ago. I'm too tired to find them ;)

MommyD · 25/11/2004 13:43

Thanks. I am not particularly stressed. I am 6 weeks pregnant with #3. I have been going to bed at 8:00PM for the last three nights as my kids are waking at 6:00AM and do not feel tired either.... Is there anything else it could be?

OP posts:
MommyD · 25/11/2004 13:48

... oh and I found the other thread on this, thanks. It is my left eye that is twitching so apparently that is good luck..... eh? I'll go and check last night's lottery numbers and let you know if I won the biggie......

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 25/11/2004 14:16

I get this intermittently. Was v bad when I had Glandular fever so I guess it's caused by being run down.

Lonelymum · 25/11/2004 14:34

I also had this a few months ago. It did seem worse when I was tired, but you say you are not tired.... Mine went away of its own accord in the end. Congratulations on pg BTW.

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