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sickie 5 wk old

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nailpolish · 22/11/2004 08:36

my 5 wk old dd i think has caught her sisters cold ( we suspect slapped cheek) she is sleeping ok but has a terrible cough, very loose, and i suspect a sore throat. also constipated, moving bowels every 2 days and bright green (but soft) (sorry for graphic description). every time i feed her she brings half of it back up, usually with a big loose cough. i actually think she is only keeping down half of her milk. any advice? wish i could go to the chemist but theres nothing i can give her, is there?

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misdee · 22/11/2004 08:38

take her to the gp, s/he might be able to recommend something. poor baby, hope she feels better soon.

nailpolish · 22/11/2004 08:41

do you honestly think i should take her to the dr? how worried should i be? (getting more worried now, im usually too laid back about these sorts of things)

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daisy50 · 22/11/2004 08:43

How long has she been having this problem for? If you think she is not keeping enough fluid down take her to the GP to check, it is easy for small babies to get dehydrated. Is she having enough wet nappies?

nailpolish · 22/11/2004 08:45

her nappies are not any different, i change every feed and they are needing changed when i do (4-5 hrs) daisy, shes been like this 2 days now.

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LIZS · 22/11/2004 08:45

Go to gp. If she is throwing back a lot of her feeds and has diorrhea(sp?) there is a risk she could get dehydrated. It is really common at this time of year for babies to develop a complication from the common cold virus (RSV and Bronchiolitis )and it would be worth ruling this out as well as the Slapped Cheek.

Moist air (wet towels on radiators or humidifer), raising the head end of her mattress (either by rolling towels underneath or propping the cot or basket up on books) and sitting her up in car seat/pushchair may help too.

Hoep she feels better soon.

daisy50 · 22/11/2004 08:51

I think chances are she will be fine but if I were you I would pop along to the GP today anyway. Thing with such young babies is that their health can change quite quickly so it is worth checking just for the chance that she does need some further treatmet. Besides if you stay home you will just continue to worry and if nothing else your GP should be able to reassure you that all is ok -that is what they're there for.

nailpolish · 22/11/2004 08:55

youre right daisy, i would rather feel a bit silly and like an overrreacting mum at the gp than sit and worry at home. why is she only moving bowels every 2 days tho? her poo is normal consistency but its dark green!

why dont babies come with manuals?

OP posts:
daisy50 · 22/11/2004 09:02

You are not an over-reacting mum! Best judge that all is not well with baby is their mother. You are with her for so much time and can notice when something is unusual. Tell your GP all your concerns (make a list before you go if you think you may forget)they can then assess her and make a trained judgement.

nailpolish · 22/11/2004 09:20

just going to phone and get an appt.

thanks everyone

OP posts:
LIZS · 23/11/2004 09:01

How did she today ?

nailpolish · 23/11/2004 09:07

oh lizs! thanks for thinking of us.

she is worse today, cough more chesty and really blocked nose. gp gave suggestions that i had already got on mn! not really a chest inf though, just a rattly throat, and she coughs easily. she slept great cos i raised her mattress and got up loads through the night to change the wet towels on radiator.

she still has her appetite, but its difficult and she cries cos she cant breathe well whilst feeding

OP posts:
nailpolish · 23/11/2004 09:07

no red cheeks tho

OP posts:
NatureDoc · 23/11/2004 18:06

Definitely see the doctor - green poo's mean they are not getting enough milk

nailpolish · 23/11/2004 21:17

am shocked by this - i never knew that naturedoc. i have mentioned this to hv twice - how come she said it was normal? dd has 3-4 oz 5-6 times a day. she is putting on enough wait. think ill take her to baby clinic tomorrow - thanks for bringing this to my attention

OP posts:
nailpolish · 23/11/2004 21:18

that should be 'weight'

OP posts:
NatureDoc · 24/11/2004 17:50

If she is sicking half of it up this might be why - get some liquid somehow anyway!


nailpolish · 25/11/2004 08:02

wellshes worse again today - now after each feed she has a coughing fit and brings up half her feed again because of coughing. in what she coughs up now is green stained mucus - a true sign of chest infection - correct me if i am wrong. rattly throat still and wheezy at times. poor thing looks me in the eye and does these long blinks of tiredness.

ill probably be getting a season ticket and free parking at the drs surgery the rate im going and the amount of time im spending there these days

why oh why cant we give babies under 3 months any meds? even just a bit of karvol? its so frustrating

OP posts:
nailpolish · 25/11/2004 16:30


went to see him and he wouldnt even listen to her chest. both dd's were dead tired (were wanting to nap just when had to chuck them in car to go) and screaming in waiting room cos had to wait a million years cos as usual running late

eventually just pulled up her vest and begged so he agreed chest infection, got antibiotics. GREAT

shes even lost her appetite, has slept nearly all day so no doubt be up all night

OP posts:
LIZS · 25/11/2004 16:39

I'm sorry she's no better yet. dd did get bronchiolitis at 3 months and she was pretty similar to how your dd sounds although her cough wasn't productive (apart from in the vomitting sense). It is horrible to see them so pathetic and helpless. Can't believe the gp wasn't more thorough with such a little one.

She also cried like a cat meowing rather than heartily iyswim. Do keep an eye on the wheeziness and if she seems to be struggling at all, sucking in so you can see ribs for example, or continues to vomit each feed tomorrow go back again asap.

Hope the antibiotics do the trick and she improves soon.

nailpolish · 25/11/2004 16:41

god that sounds scary lizs ill keep my beady eye on her

forgot to add she hasnt put on any weight this week

OP posts:
luckymum · 25/11/2004 17:04

nailpolish - agree with LIZs about bronchiolitis. If she doesn't improve with the anti-b's take her back or to A&E if you're GP isn't very helpful. Bronchiolitis is viral so antibiotics won't help if it's that.

nailpolish · 25/11/2004 17:12

thanks luckymum

its just so scary when they have such tiny wee chests and noses etc

OP posts:
luckymum · 25/11/2004 17:17

I know - they get bunged up so easily. Hope she's feeling better soon.

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