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am i going soft

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fostermum · 18/11/2004 19:49

ever since my heart op 4 weeks ago i can no longer watch casaulty,holby,anything medical and after years of regular blood tests and not a flinch i burst into tears when i had one yesterday like a big wuss,i was so embarrassed

OP posts:
morningpaper · 18/11/2004 19:51

Aw, that's okay, you had a big thing happen to you and need some time and space to get your head around it. Your reaction sounds totally expected IMO. ((hugs))

P.S. I passed out when I tried contact lenses in the opticians, so I am the biggest wuss of all!

Easy · 18/11/2004 19:57

Fostermum, don't worry about it love. After my surgery last year (orthopaedic mine) I would burst into tears at the drop of a hat, particularly anytime I talked about ds.
I think my consultant thought I was mentally defective, cos it took 4 months before I could see him without crying (esp embarassing cos he's GORGEOUS, easily worth a part in ER).

Sweetheart you just need extra tlc from all those around you. And let the tears come, it helps the stress to stop from building up.

misdee · 18/11/2004 20:07

i cant watch beaches anymore, used to be able to.

i almost passed out at a blood test once. even dh who has regular blood tests occasionally has faint moments about them.

zephyrcat · 18/11/2004 20:08

oh beaches! i havent seen that for years - i used to love that movie - but i couldnt watch it now because the wind beneath my wings starts me off!

fostermum · 18/11/2004 20:10

oh god me too wind beneath my wings and i cry at goodnight mr tom and even been known to cry at E.T

OP posts:
misdee · 18/11/2004 20:11

funny how things chnage and they affect you more (dh has the same condition as Hilary in beaches)

prefernot · 18/11/2004 20:46

Weirdly, fostermum, I had a period of 5 years pre-dd of being in and out of hospital and having a lot of surgery and it made me want to watch hospital dramas which I'd never been interested in before!!

Since dd I'm really emotional about lots of other things though. I think being afraid of losing your life makes you feel things intensely. Every single time I take dd (now 2) to a little toddler group we've been going to since she was 1 and they do the song session at the end I fill up with tears to the point where it's painful to not let them spill over and I'm sure people notice. I don't know what it is about little children 'singing', their faces and attempts to do the hand gestures, it just gets to be big time.

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