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Half of my toenail is falling off! Gross!

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pootlepod · 17/11/2004 10:11

Have just noticed this, can't believe I hadn't felt any pain. It's happening on both of my big toes though one is worse than the other. Is there anything I can do about it? Also, how would I get in touch with a chiropodist, think I may need to do something about ALL of my feet.

Just off to find some socks now...

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WigWamBam · 17/11/2004 10:29

Look for a state registered chiropodist in your local Yellow Pages and rung for an appointment. You may have a fungal nail infection or something similar, which they will be able to treat for you. The last chiropodist I had used to charge around £15, although prices in some of the larger chains (Scholl, Fit Feet) may be up to something like £30.

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