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Ds has been poorly and now seems really angry

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nutcracker · 15/11/2004 20:05

My Ds (23mths) has been poorly all last week with croup and very high temp.

His croup is now better after some steriods and his temp has gone down lots too, he is still a bit snuffly but generally 99% better.

The weird thing is, is that he is acting really strangly. He seems to be really angry, shouting NO all the time and lashing out at people.

At my moms today he kept trying to hit me whilst i was holding a cup of tea. I moved back and so he lunged forward smacking the cup of tea which went all over Dd1.

It's not like him to be like this and even considering the fact that he has been ill and still seems tired, i can't quite put my finger on whats up with him.

Has anyone else experianced this, or got any ideas ??

OP posts:
tammybear · 15/11/2004 20:08

dd's been ill this week. same age, but has had a cold and cough. her nose is red raw at the moment, her lips are split and she has cuts on her cheeks. she has been very grouchy, and throwing herself around, and throws her whole body weight on me which really hurts. she screamed when my mum came in yesterday and kept saying bye to her as if she wanted her to leave which is very unusual. shes never like this, and so i think its down to her cold, and her not being able to tell me what she wants or how shes feeling. i hope he gets better soon xxx

nutcracker · 15/11/2004 20:09

Sorry to hear your dd is poorly too, it's horrible not being able to make it better isn't it.

I think it must be the illness making him like this, it's just so strange to see it.

OP posts:
tammybear · 15/11/2004 20:11

I know, its heartbreaking. Usually when she starts acting very perculiar (sp?) I put her in her cot, and she tends to go to sleep after shes calmed down. At least she cant hurt herself too much in the cot where as if shes on the floor she starts banging her head and throwing herself about. Its 10 times worse than her usual tantrum. do hope they get better soon

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