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Mini Pill, BFing, and what's this now??

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Mommy2Ro · 13/11/2004 20:15

Ok, just want some experienced women out there to help me out. I have been on mini pill since my DD was 3 weeks old and am really very very good about taking it at same time every day. I am still BFing, but only about 3 times a day (in a 24 hr period, as she still wakes sometimes at night).

So, here's the question: I got a little v light spotting today after having no periods since her birth. And for the last 3 or 4 weeks I have noticed (this is a little graphic) an increase in wetness "down there" to a point where I kept thinking I had my period, but always was just something like what I used to have when ovulating. So, what's this all about now?

To be honest, am a little fearful that I have been ovulating and that this is implantation spotting. Am I paranoid? We want another pup, but don't want to try till DD is at least 2. Help!! (and thanks for reading this long rant... have been too embaressed to ask anyone f2f)

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MummyToSteven · 13/11/2004 20:35

hi mommy2ro - the minipill doesn't necessarily stop ovulation - that's why it isn't as effective as the ordinary pill, and you have to be careful about taking it on time - but it works by preventing implantation of a fertilised egg. so you may still ovulate on some cycles - but that's normal on the minipill and nothing to worry about. being on the pill/minipill can cause your discharge to vary slightly too, and the minipill, especially at the start can cause some irregular bleeding.


Mommy2Ro · 13/11/2004 20:45

Yes, that does help. I had forgotten that you do ovulate. Good to be reminded of that bc i have felt like I've been ovulating. I took the combined pill for 7 years before trying for DD, so I forget the differences sometimes... I guess the BF has been slowing down as of late, so maybe it's just that time. And DD is 12 months now, so...

Thanks for your insight.

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