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Cradle Cap or Eczema?

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MamaV · 12/11/2004 22:43

Hi, my ds has scratches all over his head. He usually scratches his head a lot while going to sleep and also when he wakes up. I think he has cradle cap but can he have eczema too, or can cc cause the scratching? How can I tell if he has eczema??

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Chandra · 12/11/2004 23:06

Well, I do n't really know. DS severe eczema started with craddle cap but I heard thousands of time that that doesn't mean he will get eczema, I think you can only tell if it's eczema if it remains for a long time and extends to other parts of the body. the only thing I can suggest is to try to avoid baby bath products in his bath (they are a curse if the baby has sensitive skin), use only water and apply an emollient on his head while it's still wet after the bath. remeber that the most he scratches himself the more itchy he will become, placing sock on his hands while he sleeps may be a good solution. (Or so I thought, now almost 2 yrs old and almost clear of eczema DS refuses to go to sleep if he is not wearing Pitin -the sock has got a name now )

MamaV · 12/11/2004 23:19

Thanks, Got the sock's trick from another thread .. they're on him tonight will start thinking of a name . I only use Jr Oilatum in the bath and Dentinox Cradle Cap shampoo. Will try the emollient on the head after a bath, at the moment I use olive oil.

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Chandra · 12/11/2004 23:25

I have found Oilatum Plus very good. About the emollient...Diprobase or hydrous cream are good starting ones, another one that all HVs recommend is aqueous cream but please stay away of it, for some strange reason many children end up reacting to it.

LIZS · 13/11/2004 08:14

We had the same problem with dd and it became a real issue at around a year old when she scratched it and it interfered with her (and our!) sleep. It coincided with the central heating coming on and a generally drier atmosphere in the house. We were prescribed a wash normally used for acne and other skin conditions and some cream to clear it up and advised to use Balneum Hermal Plus in the bath. Subsequently we found that Dentinox shampoo has helped but dd still has it at 3.

karen99 · 15/11/2004 16:17

Hi MamaV we found OrganicBabies Baby Wash is very gentle on our ds' skin. It's expensive, but lasts ages. My brother recommended it when my nephew had exzema as a baby. My ds doesn't have exzema, but we still give him an oilatum bath and this organic product to wash him.


karen99 · 15/11/2004 16:18

Sorry - ECZEMA!!

Sandi102 · 15/11/2004 16:22

mama V. ds 2 (6 months) had cradle cap. It was very scaly and we used olive oil. It took around 2 months to fullt clear and now we use balenum plus in bath. His scalp is not flaky at all now, but he still tends to scratch his head a lot. A problem ds1 has too. GP prescribed nizorel shampoo for ds1 which helps a little.

MamaV · 15/11/2004 23:04

Thanks Karen and Sandi, took DS to the doctor today and he said that his scalp is very dry and that is why he is itching it so much. Thankfully his cc seems to be clearing up. Dr. advised to stop the Dentinox (to see if that was making it worse) and stick with the olive oil or to try using the emulsifying ointment which I am using on his body. It's really greasy, like Vaseline but I tried it tonight, after his bath and his head feels better (and his hair stays in place ), so we'll see how it goes.

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