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Triggers for IBS

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Yorkiegirl · 10/11/2004 22:59

Message withdrawn

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lyndap · 11/11/2004 09:18

I have had IBS for years and finally went to see a naturopath who advised me to lay off lactose. Worked very well for me. Maybe the cheese and the dressing in the salad are a bit much for you to cope with?
Peppermint tea or capsules are also quite good. My own triggers are the usual: stress and tiredness combined with too much milky stuff, peppers and onions!
Don't know whatto suggest, really except maybe to cut back on your dairy?
Best of luck.

loobyloo2 · 11/11/2004 15:00

I find that spicy food, plus meals with a lot of garlic leave me in a lot of pain. Also alcohol is not good, but we all need a bit of that now and again. I found that peppermint caps helped also some muscle relaxers from the docs, cant remember the name now as was a few years ago when I had them, but they do relax other muscles as well.

Yorkiegirl · 11/11/2004 15:16

Message withdrawn

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secur · 11/11/2004 15:23

Message withdrawn

marthamoo · 11/11/2004 15:25

Raw onions and raw garlic can be triggers for me. It's just trial and error I'm afraid - keeping a food diary can help you identify triggers. But I sometimes don't have a bout of IBS when I've eaten raw onions and garlic - and then I do get one when I haven't eaten anyhing suspect. Stress also triggers it with me. And sometimes red wine (but that doesn't stop me drinking it!)

marthamoo · 11/11/2004 15:27

I also take 3 135mg mebeverine hydrochloride tablets each day - they seem to help.

Yorkiegirl · 11/11/2004 15:28

Message withdrawn

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lyndap · 11/11/2004 15:29

You can get peppermint capsules at most chemists. Just ask at the pharmacy counter and they'll advise.
Best of luck,

secur · 11/11/2004 15:31

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl · 11/11/2004 15:32

Message withdrawn

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loobyloo2 · 11/11/2004 15:54

I find that stress does make it worse, even when not particulary streesed, the kids are all it takes sometimes. Its a good idea with the food diary, and also gentel exercise will help keep things moving. Oh and pleny of water

motherinferior · 11/11/2004 16:00

Oats. Soya. Lots of gassy beer.

sallystrawberry · 11/11/2004 16:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gingerbear · 11/11/2004 16:28

YG. a fellow IBS sufferer here. Try taking a Multibionta (vitamin with probiotic), or go to Health food place and get a probiotic supplement. Since I started with multibionta, my IBS has really settled down.
Too much bread and dairy do me no good at all.

KatieMac · 11/11/2004 18:30

raw fruit & veg

I used to love a salad sarnie - but no chance now....

too much fat

peppermint works tho' and so does Reflexology

louisse28 · 11/11/2004 21:10

Go easy on the bread and starchy carbohydrates. I find that bread really makes me suffer the symptoms of IBS, when I give bread a break for a while I feel heaps better. I don't feel so bloated and my stomach is heaps flatter. Stay away from cucumber as well, as that makes you windy, as does any form of fizzy pop... Hope that helps.. (Since having my son I have found that my IBS is a little better)

highlander · 11/11/2004 21:51

cognitive therapy was shown in a study to be very effective for women with IBS, but not men.

Yorkiegirl · 12/11/2004 08:38

Message withdrawn

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Hausfrau · 12/11/2004 09:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moosh · 12/11/2004 12:47

Reflexology has helped me too. Aloe Vera juice from Health food shop, (get the Cranberry one it helps disguise the nasty taste) Eat small meals very slowly.I avoid spicy foods and rich as well as creamy sauces. Plenty of water about 2 litres a day. Colpermin or pepermint tea is good.
Chewing it till it is almost liquid and definately not overeating as that would set it off big time. I always now sit down for at least 30mins-hour to let my food go down. I would find that I would eat quickly get up straight away and do the washing up, tidying toys bathing boys e.t.c and within an hour I was on the toilet. So everything goes on hold for an hour before I do anything after dinner now.

Wills · 12/11/2004 12:59

I haven't read much of the posts but I too suffer from IBS and found this on the net. Hope it helps

BAD food - FAT is the worst thing
Whole wheat flour, whole wheat bread, whole wheat cereal
Wheat bran
Whole grains, whole grain breads, whole grain cereals
Beans and lentils (mashed or pureed they're much safer)
Berries (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, cranberries, etc.)
Grapes and raisins
Peaches, nectarines, apricots, and pears with skins (peeled they're much safer)
Apples (peeled they're safe)
Oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes
Dates and prunes
Greens (spinach, lettuce, kale, mesclun, collards, arugala, watercress, etc.)
Whole peas, snow peas, snap peas, pea pods
Green beans
Kernel corn
Bell peppers (roasted and peeled they're safer)
Eggplant (peeled and seeded it's much safer)
Onions, shallots, leeks, scallions, garlic
Cabbage, bok choy, Brussels sprouts
Tomatoes (peeled and seeded, especially raw, they're much safer)
Cucumbers (again, peel and seed them and they're much safer)
Sprouts (alfalfa, sunflower, radish, etc.)
Fresh herbs

Good Food rough in order of goodness
Pasta and noodles
Fresh white breads such as French or sourdough (NOT whole wheat or whole grain)*
Rice cereals
Flour tortillas
Corn meal
Sweet potatoes
Squash and pumpkins
Avocados (though they do have some fat)
Papayas (also digestive aids that relieve gas and indigestion)

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