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Dh has high cholesterol - what changes should he make to his diet ?

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Kayleigh · 08/11/2004 21:32

Dh had a medical today and his cholesterol test came back with a 7.5 which the doctor said was high.

I know he should be eating less red meat, less dairy and more fish.

What else should he be eating / avoiding ?

OP posts:
hazlinh · 09/11/2004 07:38

prawns and other shellfish have high levels of cholesterol. eggs too.

should eat more fruit!! oily fish like salmon, mackerel, tuna etc to protect the heart.

smileyragdoll · 09/11/2004 07:43
Ghosty · 09/11/2004 09:23

He should eat more fibre ... soluble AND insoluble fibre ...
And he should be eating more food with the Omega Oils in it ... particularly 3 & 6.

grumpyfrumpy · 09/11/2004 09:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aloha · 09/11/2004 10:30

Dont worry about cholesterol in food - it isn't a problem. Cut down on fat, take some exercise, eat oats, fibre, low fat dairy as much as you like.

Kayleigh · 09/11/2004 11:06

He is joining a gym today next to his office.
Didn't know prawns had high cholesterol.

OP posts:
aloha · 09/11/2004 11:27

cholesterol in food does not affect cholesterol levels in the body.

zebra · 09/11/2004 11:36

I think that's a controversial opinion, see Net doctor for instance. The fats to really avoid r trans fats -- mainly in hydrogenated oils. See American Heart Association .

Furball · 09/11/2004 12:03

What about Benecol spread and yoghurts. Their website is here with some more info on lowering your cholestrol.

Ghosty · 09/11/2004 21:15

Um Aloha ... could you elaborate a bit on that? I am interested to know why you say that re. cholesterol in food has no effect on cholesterol in the body ...

zebra · 09/11/2004 21:24

I think Aloha is partly right, but it's really complicated, may even come down to personal genetics, and lots of different types of fats & how they effect the types of blood cholesterol (there's good and bad cholesterol, etc.!).

Eg., My (white) dad, his twin & their dad can eat whatever they like & their blood cholesterol won't change. My uncle's Philipina wife sniffs at an egg & her cholesterol blood levels go up; it's a genetic difference between her & my uncle.

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