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Recurrent chest infections

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wallawallabingbang · 06/11/2004 15:56

DS 14 months keeps getting chest infections! He had a particularly bad one in July when he was in hospital for a few days then has had 2 since then most recently about 3 weeks ago and now today he is poorly again, temperature, very chesty cough, slightly swollen face and generally unwell.

He also quite often has stinky breath - will the two be linked?

The gp asked to see him after the last dose of antibiotics if he got ill again so will take him on Monday just wondering if anyone had any thoughts or reasons to worry?

OP posts:
tillykins · 06/11/2004 16:26

I would think if he keeps getting chest infections and having antibiotics, it could make his breath smell anyway especially if he has a lot of vegetables, I think they make your breath smell. I wonder if he has got a really tenacious chest infection that isn't quite being cleared up and so keeps coming back
My baby is a bit younger than yours and seems to have a cough and cold most of the time but not so badly that I need to take him to see the doctor
I hope your baby gets better soon

luckymum · 06/11/2004 16:47

My ds2 had dreadful breath and it was linked to recurrent ear and tonsil infections and chronic catarrh.

popsycal · 06/11/2004 16:50


DS had this over and over again - starting with bronchiolitus at 4 and 6 months and was hospitalised both times...
then he regularly had a wheezy chest and chest infections all last year. I was convinced he was goiing to develop asthma

however, (touch wood) he hasnt been wheezy for AGES and when he does get wheezy it is mild

take him to the go on monday and keep an eye on him

give me a shout offline if you want some more info.shoulder to cry/moan on!

hugs xx

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