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Boobs on DD2

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hannahken180 · 05/11/2004 15:04

My 3 week old DD seems to have discs of firm material under her nipples/chest area as though she is developing breasts! We will speak to the midwife on her next visit. Anyone come across this though?

OP posts:
angelbabe · 05/11/2004 16:07

yes our dd had this, lasted for a couple weeks... then nothing there, are u breastfeeding? i was told that it was due to the surge in hormones through breastmilk... was told it was quite common, anyone else?

WigWamBam · 05/11/2004 16:36

From the NCT Book of Child Health:

A degree of breast enlargement is normal in newborn babies due to stimulation by the mother's female hormones before birth. It happens in both girls and boys and does not need treatment.


blueteddy · 05/11/2004 16:40

Yes, my son had this when he was a newborn.
He is now 5 & I am glad 2 say that he no longer has any trace of breasts!!!

Distracted · 05/11/2004 16:47

My ds had this too as a newborn - thought it was due to the large dose of hormones he got from me when he was born. Think these things are normal (they can sometimes have v. enlarged genitals too for same reason at birth).

handbagaddiction · 05/11/2004 16:49

DD definitely had this - she also had what looked like a period - some bloody discharge from her bits when she was about 10 days old. Again, like the others have suggested, it's just caused by a surge in hormones and will go away. Perfectly normal - although it did freak me and dh out at the time!!

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