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'MAN FLU' how pathetic????

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zephyrcat · 05/11/2004 13:10

Myself, dd(2.11) and ds(0.4) all have a bad cold - but life goes on right? DP is lying on the sofa, in his dressing gown, wrapped in a quilt, dying claiming he has 'man flu'!!! I asked him this morning who was coming to look after the kids whilst I laid on the sofa ........ still waiting!!

OP posts:
MrsDoolittle · 05/11/2004 13:14

This makes me laugh
Is it true all men are like this?

bonkerz · 05/11/2004 13:18

Men are a pain, when ive got flu etc im expected to carry on but as soon as dh has a sniffle he is convinced its pneumonia!

MummyToSteven · 05/11/2004 13:19

think the answer is to demand loads of help and running around when under the weather yourself, rather than suffering in snuffling simmering silence - now just need to remember that, rather than soldiering on!!!

alicatsg · 05/11/2004 13:25

sounds like my dh -

Yesterday he stubbed his toe on a door frame that miraculously moved 2 inches to the left to spite him. Said it was more painful than labour as I'd only needed gas and air after all......

Maudy · 05/11/2004 13:48

Don't get me started on this subject! I have just had 5 WEEKS of 'ill' DP. To be fair he has had bronchitis and still has a horrid cough but as far as I am concerned you can still function on a day to day basis with a cough...can't you? Everytime he seemed to be getting better he had a 'relapse' and took himslef off to bed again! I should be so bl**dy lucky!

I have been accused of being very unsympahtic but I think letting him lie around recouperating (sp?) whilst I go to work, cook, bathe and feed the kids and then feed him is very kind. Just because i cant do it with a smile on my face....

MrsDoolittle · 05/11/2004 14:05

Dh has always accused me of being unsympathetic.
"Honey, I am a nurse and I look after people alot worse off than you who cope alot better!" He hates it when I say that but there is no comeback

RudyDudy · 05/11/2004 14:08

was thinking about this myself this my DP is just like yours. Interestingly though DS (1) had a pretty bad virus a couple of weeks ago, was a model patient and did his best to carry on as normal, playing etc. So I think it's definitely 'learned behaviour'.

Maudy · 05/11/2004 14:13

I am generally quite harsh when it comes to illness and my kids have to be dying before I'll let them stay of school/home from nursery. DP thinks this is a good thing and backs me all the way, but when it comes to him being ill its another story all together!

msann · 05/11/2004 14:42

my dp suffers from eternal man flu... how come its not allowed when im ill??

zephyrcat · 05/11/2004 14:49

It's definately learned behaviour RD - Ds is only 4 months old and looks dreadful with his cold but he hasnt stopped smiling

OP posts:
zephyrcat · 05/11/2004 16:03

Awwww, he's fallen asleep, poor thing, ooh how tempting is a cold glass of water..... hehehehehe!!!

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