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Hair falling out by the handful!!!

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zephyrcat · 04/11/2004 10:34

Ds is 4 months and over the last couple of weeks my hair has started to fall out.I remember this happening with dd but this time it seems a lot more! It's coming out, literally, in handfulls! When ever i brush it it looks like i havent cleaned the brush for a month!! Is it normal to lose so much? Is there anything to slow it down so I dont end up bald?! lol

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joanneg · 04/11/2004 10:40

This happened to me and it did slow down. I think as well the longer that your hair is the more startling it is because it looks more hair than it actually is (not sure that makes sense!!)

Nikkichik · 04/11/2004 10:54

Me too - I couldn't believe I still had any left on my head!!! It does slow down but agree with joanneg that the longer your hair is the worse it looks. My hair is quite long and it still falls out everywhere (although that's probably just normal falling out!) - have to chop it out of the hoover brush once a week!!

MrsDoolittle · 04/11/2004 10:57

This happened to me too. It used to block the shower - literally!!
Apparently you stop losing hair when you are pregnant with all the hormones. This is why it feels thick and healthy. Now it's just making up for lost time!!
Anyway dd is 6 months now and it has stopped falling out to the same extent now.

zephyrcat · 04/11/2004 10:58

you're not wrong - my hair is close to waist legnth and looks like a shockingly huge amount is falling out!!! Someone mentioned to me the first time it happened that evening primrose oil tablets help - anyone tried that?

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Anteater · 04/11/2004 11:16

This happened to a friend, and she told me hair loss during pregnancy is due to the thyroid slowing down. It should get back up to speed after birth but in her VERY UNUSUAL case it didnt and she now has to take daily tablets.

zebra · 04/11/2004 11:28

I'm in the exact same situation, zephyrC. One reason i cut it short just b4 baby was born.

zephyrcat · 04/11/2004 11:40

I always used to wonder when I was little why all mums seemed to have short hair!! I think i'm starting to realise..... I dont know if i could cut it off though!!

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