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Can he still be suffering from wind and gripe??????

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moosh · 04/11/2004 08:55

Am going to try and be short with this one.
Ds2 8 months has these symptoms and has had them since he was 2 weeks old. I have put it down to trapped wind but at 8 months he is still getting it regular.
Pleas can someone tell me there little one has this so that I feel there is nothing really wrong with him. Hv says its wind but can they still suffer badly with wind at this age?
*Griping pains from tummy (what I think is griping pains) not hunger he eats well.
*A hiccup sound but not hiccups (hope this makes sense.
*Holding his breath. A sharp intake of breath, not from crying too much this can go on for the whole night even when he is asleep and is suffering from what I believe to be trapped wind. He will take a sharp breath like he is in pain and hold it for between 2-3 seconds.

Someone please tell me ther little one has suffered this so I don't have to continue to worry. Ds1 had wind problrms but stopped at 5 months when he could bring it up himself. Ds2 can bring wind up himself but still seems to be suffering like this. He had a little break for a few weeks but now it is returning.

OP posts:
NatureDoc · 04/11/2004 09:40

Was he a sicky baby? If so it might be reflux. Otherwise it could be lactose intolerance/colic. Have you seen your GP about this or a local naturopath?

fio2 · 04/11/2004 09:44

my two seemed to have wind til quite late but have you asked your GP if you are that concerned?

moosh · 04/11/2004 10:01

Thanks for replying he is on Gaviscon as he is a sicky baby but this breathing/gripe thing still seems to be carrying on.
I thought of an intolerance but he hasn't reacted as if he is allergic skin hasn't flared up or anything. But it seems that everyone looks at me like I'm mad when I try to describe his breathing when this is going on. Am worried the doctor will do the same.

OP posts:
fio2 · 04/11/2004 10:16

dont be worried what the dr thinks of you. You are his mother you have right to be concerned. usually a Mothers instinct is right and if you are worried you must go to your GP and tell him so. I dont know much about intolerances, my daughter was a very colicy child and very sicky too and I remember it being very hard work

sparkle · 10/12/2004 22:16

My dd is doing exactly this and it started about three weeks ago. She is almost 7 months and until recently has been a 7pm-7am sleeper but now wakes 1-2 hours after falling asleep most nights and is very windy and uncomfortable. She will also wake during the night wanting feed and continues to be windy all the way through.

She had antibiotics a couple of weeks ago so thought this may have upset her system, although the waking began before this. Have also thought of lactose intolerance but the HV suggested she needs more protein for her tea and that without it she is getting hungry during the night.

I can't get her to eat very big meals and she isn't that interested in milk feed towards bedtime. At the end of the day you can see the wind building up as her face looks very windy. She can bring it up herself but it just seems to be a constant problem.

It also sounds as though she is doing the same thing as your baby during the night and I posted on a separate thread about her doing little gasping breaths when she is asleep. I did see the GP about this but she said it might be baby dreams or wind causing it.

Sorry very rambly post but the thread describes exactly our problem.

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