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Cobhite · 27/01/2002 23:17

Molluscum contagiosum ;

does anyone have any homne remedies or know of any treatment for the above?

I am considering having them burnt off (my 5 year old and 4 year old boys). Has anyone been through this before? Please give details of such.

OP posts:
Alibubbles · 28/01/2002 08:01

Cobhite, leave them, they'll disappear before you know it. The ittle boy I looked after had them all over his bottom, they didn'y look very nice, but they just went of their oewn accord. My son had some round his eys and on his arm, they too went on their own

Burning them off involves silver nitrate and is not very nice, the other method is to brek the ski with a very sharp steriled needle and gently ease out the fatty plug. But do be careful, it can scar.

Lill · 28/01/2002 10:01

All warts molluscum or veruccas (spelling) seem to respond very well to thuja a homeopathic remedy applied directly to skin. available through Weleda mail order.
btw there is no need to stop kids swimming with molluscum

Ailsa · 28/01/2002 20:43

I had loads of warts on my hands as a child, my mum eventually persuaded the doctor to refer me to a skin specialist. About a week before I was due to go for my appointment they all disappeared, and have never come back. That was about 23 years ago. I think that because they went of their own accord there are no scars.

sueb · 05/10/2002 12:54

You could try wet cotton wool held in place with a plaster(band aid) or sellotape( at night) this works well but you need to be persistant and do it every night. Warts don't like moisture.

Lynne33 · 05/10/2002 13:13

I agree with Alibubbles, leave them be. My ds had about 4 on his hands. The doctor gave me something to paint on them and I also tried 'Wartner' from the chemist, neither of which worked. As they didn't seem to bother him, I decided to see if they would go of their own accord and eventually they did. His hands are perfectly clear now. IMO I would spare them any discomfort and let them alone. HTH

Chinchilla · 05/10/2002 22:17

Bugsy - I found this on a website. I was looking to see if anthing agreed with Sueb's comment about water, because I was always led to believe the opposite, but couldn't find anything to convince either way! Anyway, this might be of some reassurance to you...

'Doing nothing is one option, and is the sensible choice for young children, because wart treatment can be painful. Although some warts may last for years, this is unusual. Normally the body?s immune system will eventually recognize the wart and get rid of it. Half disappear after a month or two without treatment, and two-thirds will have gone within 2 years. This is the reason folk remedies convince so many people ? the wart would probably have disappeared anyway. An advantage of doing nothing is that there will be no scarring after the wart has gone.'


Sorry Sueb - wasn't questionning you as such. I just had visions of hundreds of Mumsnetters sitting there with damp plasters on their fingers, with their warts merrily multiplying

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