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Hole in c-section scar

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Bibiboo · 03/11/2004 12:32

I had a c-section 2 weeks ago and the last 4 days it's been weeping - midwife has seen it twice and took a swab the last time, but hasn't said it's infected - today I appear to have hole in the wound which is where it's weeping from - will my insides fall out?! I am having the swab result tomorrow- is it okay to wait until then?

OP posts:
cas73 · 03/11/2004 12:34

Sorry to hear that Bibiboo! I have no personal experience of c-sections, but my reaction would be to call my HV and ask her what to do..
Hope it gets better soon

XenaWP · 03/11/2004 12:37

call mw & ask, it'll either set your mind at rest or tell you you need to get it seen. I had CS too, & don't think anything's likely to fall out, unless you forgot a twin

bundle · 03/11/2004 12:37

bibiboo i would see someone asap, try to get an emergency appt at the doctor's, that doesn't sound too good

bundle · 03/11/2004 12:39

(btw, didn't wish to alarm you re: guts falling out, just think it's best that nothing gets in ie infection and you may need a little stitch to help things)

motherinferior · 03/11/2004 12:53

Yes, I'd get it cleared up pronto too.

Don't forget to ask for painkillers if you need them.

Marina · 03/11/2004 12:58

Bibiboo, I suffered a full scar rupture from my first elective while still in hospital, and I promise my insides didn't fall out, although it was scary at the time. Mine was triggered by stitches being removed btw, NOT caused by wound infection.
Agree with the others that this needs to be checked by a doctor, but do try not to worry too much. My problem, which is unusual (unlike wound infection which is pretty common ) was quickly and safely rectified and I suffered no further ill-effects.
Let us know how you get on.

baabi · 03/11/2004 13:15

First of all I would call the midwife and explain. Or better still call the doctor out today. He might be able to prescibe antibiotics before the test results, just in case. Secondly try not to do too much like lifting or going up & down the stairs, which will make things worst (easier said than done I know). I had the same problem, the wound started weeping after 2 weeks and a couple of days later it started gapping on 3 areas, which was scary. I had to have 2 courses of antibiotics but the 2nd one did the trick and it cleared pretty fast after that. Wear loose clothing around the area (big "granny knickers" were the best)and keep it clean with cooled boiled water. If breatsfeeding a v-pillow (the ones from Argos will do) to support the baby makes things a lot more confortable. Don't panic but insist on prompt treatment, if they seem to be dragging their feet. I have been told is quite common after surgery, but nobody seems to tell you anything about it! I hope you recover soon. all the best.

prufrock · 03/11/2004 13:31

The hole is very probably only in the outer layer of skin - you will have had lots of other layers of stitches inside so nothing will fall out!

clairabelle · 03/11/2004 13:53

When they are closing up after a section there are 3 or sometimes 4 layers of stitches before closing the wound at skin level so don't worry yuor insides will not fall out but you do need to keep an eye on it for secondary infection as everyone has said.

nightowl · 03/11/2004 23:45

ive had this with both my sections and i didnt fall apart although i was scared i would! first was just the end of the dissolving stitch, it had broken off but not fallen away. midwife pulled it out and it soon healed up. second was a horrible weeping bit which kept bleeding and sticking to my knickers. was fine though. i think it does happen often but all the same check it out.

suzywong · 04/11/2004 05:47

oh yes the weeping wound - yuck!

Just when you think your nightie is clean at the seat, you realise there is an unsavoury stain at the front. It really isn't very dignified is it?

Bibiboo · 04/11/2004 08:55

Thanks ladies, mw is coming today so hopefully i will be reassured by her too. I phoned dr yesterday and was told they don't do call outs - if it was an emergency i should go to a&e or come in to surgery for emergency 5 min appointment - explained i can't drive or get pram on bus and was told to wait until someone could bring me to surgery. not v helpful. grrrrr.

OP posts:
Marina · 04/11/2004 09:14

Urgh cheers Suzy, you've just revived some long-suppressed (or even suppurating...) memories.
Bibiboo, that was nice of them, wasn't it. Hopefully the MW will sort them out back at the practice if she feels you do need to be seen by a doctor.

nightowl · 05/11/2004 00:57

sounds just like my doctors bibiboo! how did things go then?

kid · 05/11/2004 07:33

Hope it went okay. I had a hole after my first c-section. I just had to have a couple of butterfly stitches which I had to change myself every few days. Also had antibiotics for an infection, but it cleared up very quickly.
You'd think they could sew you up properly don't you! (well thats what I thought at the time!)

Bibiboo · 05/11/2004 10:07

mw sorted out antibiotics for me and as she only lives in the next street, picked them up from pharmacy and dropped them in to me after her shift - how lovely

feeling much more reassured now, although still a bit grossed out by hole in stomach

OP posts:
Marina · 05/11/2004 10:09

That should do the trick! It will heal, Bibiboo, honest. Glad something has been sorted for you.

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