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Found a lump & worrying like mad.

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Dizzylizzy · 01/11/2004 18:38

Hi all,

I discovered a lump on thursday in my neck, I did start having a pain in my neck a few weeks ago but put it down to decorating etc, it got worse last week and I discovered the lump, my neck is also really painful,it feels tight round the back and when I bend my neck I feel sick.

I tried to get into the doctors Friday, but the receptionists weren't having any of it, so I made an appt for today, the carpet fitters were 2 hours late so I had to cancel.

I now have another appt in the morning. I AM NOT going to miss it for anything.

Can't help but worry.

OP posts:
jabberwocky · 01/11/2004 19:04

It's always good to get things checked out. It may wind up just being a swollen lymph node. Have you felt ill lately?

Twiglett · 01/11/2004 19:09

Please try not to worry .. as jabberwocky says it could be a swollen lymph node or even a goiter (enlarged thyroid gland)

It is best to get checked out though .. you are doing the right thing

SofiaAmes · 01/11/2004 22:05

Sounds like it's just swollen lymph glands. I discovered 3 pea sized lumps on my neck just under my ear some years ago and decided that I was surely dying of cancer (particularly since I had 3 and not just 1). Rushed my self to the gp's before planning my funeral and it turned out to be swollen lymph nodes and they went away on their on after few weeks.

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