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Psoriasis - in the scalp

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fairydust · 01/11/2004 16:47

does anyone suffer from Psoriasis in the scalp???

I have suffered from a really sore sometimes scabby salp and dreadful dandruff and at the moment it keeps bleeding.

All this had happened since being pregnant with dd - i found i was ok using pantene anti dandruff shampoo - now they've stopped selling it my scalp is in a mess agan

have tried head and shoulers but this makes my head weep and bleed -

Using t-gel this week which doesn't seem to bad - but i have to wash my hair daily and find the bottle is only lasting a week and it costs a fortune

anyone got a surgestions

OP posts:
gingernut · 01/11/2004 16:51

I've no actual experience, but have you tried going to your GP? If it is scalp psoriasis he/she could prescribe some treatment for you (e.g. Dovonex Scalp Solution - there are probably others but I don't know the names).


fairydust · 01/11/2004 16:54

did go a while ago and he said that all he's precribe is t-gel - which is cheaper to buy than prescription charges -but it's still £4.00 a bottle and a using nearly a bottle a week it's expensive

OP posts:
gingernut · 01/11/2004 16:56

So did he say it was psoriasis? Has it got worse? I'd try again (maybe a different GP at the practice). Sounds pretty unpleasant for you, as well as being expensive .

Hulababy · 01/11/2004 16:56

I know I have replied to you before on this, but yes - I get it too. I have had in in my scalp since my late teens, and get in on other parts of my body on and offt oo. Sorest place I have it at the moment (other than head) is under my arms

I use the Simple range of shampoos/condition/skincare. So far it seems to be not too bad. Many shapoos, etc. aggrivate it.

GP can prescripe all manner of creams, lotions and shampoos. I haven' found one I particular like though. Creams and lotions make my hair greasy. The shampoos vary but some do smell horrid

fairydust · 01/11/2004 16:58

he said it could be - wasn't that helpful really may try them again

just thought i'd try something my self first - seem to send my life in the doctors as it is

OP posts:
fairydust · 01/11/2004 16:58

thanks gingrr n hula do apreciate it...

do you use the simple shampoo then hula?

OP posts:
gingernut · 01/11/2004 17:06

Hmmm, yes, not very helpful was he! In my former life I had some involvement with trials on scalp psoriasis products but can't remember the name of the shampoo they gave out to patients. I think it was a baby shampoo though. TBH though most shampoos contain similar ingredients, e.g. detergents to make foam, which can probably irritate your scalp. At least the Simple ones have no perfume but apart from that they are similar to all the others. You could try Dove as it has moisturiser in it. Trial and error I suppose. Coal tar shampoo might be worth a try too. And I'd still try the GP again.

Hulababy · 01/11/2004 17:12

Yes, I use Simple shampoo and the conditioner. Only 99p from Home Bargains too, so a great svaing! Just doesn't aggrevate it like other shampoos do. Doesn't solve the problem, or make it better either - but then none of the others I have tried have done that either.

sponge · 01/11/2004 17:27

When did you have your dd. You're entitled to free prescriptions for a while after the birth as well as while pregnant.

fairydust · 01/11/2004 17:54

dd is now 2 1/2

OP posts:
jane313 · 01/11/2004 18:38

I've had it for 30 years and its not really curable but have had varying degress of success with nizoral and selsun. Both available on prescription or over the counter but not sure about use if you are breastfeeding. I used to find Polytar shampoo helped unitl I developed an allergy! There is also a scalp product version of diprosalic which is only availble via your gp.

There are various dead sea salts type ones and health food shop ones (Zambesi botanical is one) availble too. They didn't work for me though.

Twiglett · 01/11/2004 18:51

Hi fairydust ..

scalp psoriasis is incredibly upsetting and frustrating (DH has it, alongside PsA and AS)

Unfortunately treatment can be trial and error

Some things that can / may help

massage vegetable oil into scalp about half hour before washing it .. it helps moisturise the flakes and helps them come off

you could ask pharmacist to make you up a tub of aqueous cream with 20% urea (this was advised by Dr Tony Chu .. eminent dermatological consultant at the psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis conference this year)

exposure to UVB light can help .. but this needs to be prescribed

you may find more at US psoriasis site .. should be able to do a search

the UK version is the PA Alliance which is not quite as slick .. but nice people


Twiglett · 01/11/2004 18:53

out of interest .. cradle cap is a form of scalp psoriasis .. well its not psoriasis but is a similar process ..

jane313 · 01/11/2004 18:56

Yes I use the stuff I was given for my son but bizarell I have never been presscribed it for myself. Salocilic acid. is wokring quite well on body but haven't tried it on scalp yet as its a bit greasy! I should try that urea thing. I met Dr Chu once he was lovely.

Twiglett · 01/11/2004 18:58

Isn't he though .. did you know he has 4 year old triplets

jane313 · 01/11/2004 19:03

blimey. I volunteered for a training day for practice nurses to identify differnt skin conditions. It was like being part of a freak show!! He was so nice though with just the right amount of sympathy.

cori · 01/11/2004 20:04

I have a dry scalp conditon. GP doesnt think it is Psoriasis ( i think it is because it started at the same time as Psoriasis on other parts of my body and I have never really suffered from dandruff before.
One GP gave me a lotion called 'Diprosalic' which seems to work well.

SofiaAmes · 01/11/2004 22:11

Dh has this. We have consulted not only with a variety of gp's in the uk, but one of the top dermotologists in the usa. The answer unfortunately is the same. There is no cure. The best you can do is try different shampoos and see what works best for you. The dermo in the usa, recommended switching every few months or so as that somehow seems to help. Also, she said that the conditions seems to worse when the seasons/weather changes. Dh uses T-gel at the moment. I've been using it on dd too who suffers from excema and cradle cap and it seems to help her.

prufrock · 01/11/2004 22:19

I have it too fairydust. Even more embarrasingly than the scalp psioriasis, it's now moved to another hairy area of my body - and I'm not talking underarms . A steroid cream does seem to be working on that patch, but from past experience I know it will probably only be a temporary relief, and most creams are just too sticky to use on your hair.

Pantene's website says they still produce anti-dandruff shampoo. Why do you think it's been discontinued? If it is going to be could you contact them to get a stock in?

agy · 01/11/2004 22:19

I had this and the doctor prescribed Dermovate. It was a clear liquid in a squeezy bottle with a nozzle. When it went on it was very cool and soothing. Worked very well. only needed to use it for a day or two.

fairydust · 01/11/2004 22:38

prufrock - have emailed pantene awaiting return -all the big stores of boots have stopped selling it.

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NatureDoc · 03/11/2004 18:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Twigless · 03/11/2004 18:44

naturedoc .. this is the 2nd post I've seen of yours .. if you wish to advertise your services there's a nominal fee to pay to mumsnet of £25, please contact them

LIZS · 03/11/2004 18:54

I'm coming across them all over the place on other threads too.

YorkieModerator · 03/11/2004 18:55

Have emailed mumsnet about this

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