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Minor Cat Bite - do I need to do anything about it?

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Earlybird · 28/10/2004 09:14

Yesterday dd and I went to a public garden. There was a lovely cat there who approached us. We stroked it for a few minutes, walked around a bit, and stroked it again. Suddenly, without being provoked, the cat turned on me. It scratched my hand quite hard, and grazed my hand with it's mouth. Both the scratch and "bite" were enough to draw a little blood. The gardener was a few yards away, and I asked him if he knew who the cat belonged to. He said it was the caretaker's cat, and that it had bitten him too several times. We laughed and said that presumably the cat had had all it's shots as the gardener is still alive and well.

Today, the hand appears to be fine, not red or swollen, but obviously there are marks that will heal and disapear. There is no pain. I've always heard that humans/animal mouths are full of germs, which presumably can be transferred via a bite. Is there any reason to see a doctor?

OP posts:
Tissy · 28/10/2004 09:15

no, earlybird, if there is no sign of infection in the skin, you'll be fine

zephyrcat · 28/10/2004 09:34

You'll be fine. Our cats have scratched and bitten us a million times!! I'm slightly allergic so it raises up and itches like mad but never had anything that made me worry.

Earlybird · 28/10/2004 09:39

Thanks for your words ladies, as now I feel reassured. I tend to be of the school of "ignore it unless it turns into a problem", but wanted to check that I wasn't being too casual in this instance.

OP posts:
Cam · 28/10/2004 10:12

Is your tetanus up to date?

Earlybird · 28/10/2004 11:33

Cam - I seriously doubt my tetanus is up to date. I haven't had any sort of immunisation shot for at least 12 years. As I said before, I feel absolutely fine, and the "wounds" appear to be healing fine(sounds far too dramatic to call them that, but can't think of any other word. But I don't want to make any dangerous assumptions, and want to take care of things if there's anything I should do.

OP posts:
Bagpuss30 · 28/10/2004 11:40

Our cat turned on me (we have since rehomed him ) and I was advised to get a tetanus shot. Unfortunately for me I ended up with an infection and had to have antibiotics too, but if your hand feels fine I would think the likelyhood of that happening to you now would be slim. Maybe just a call to the GP to see about the tetanus if you are not up to date though. HTH

Cam · 28/10/2004 11:52

It doesn't sound like you have an infection as such but then I wouldn't know how to tell with tetanus. Tetanus is only needed every 10 years, but some say to have a booster if you get bitten or a serious wound in the garden (the tetanus lives in soil I believe). Why not phone your GP surgery to ask their advice?

Tissy · 28/10/2004 12:00

if you caught tetanus from this bite (extremely un likely if it is healing without problems), it wouldn't be cured by a tetanus booster at this stage. It is worth getting yourself protected for the future, though.

suedonim · 28/10/2004 14:35

I'm covered in scratch and bite marks atm, as we've just got a kitten but I doubt I'll get anything nasty. Mind you, I went to buy some new undies in M&S yesterday and got the assistant to check the bra sizing, which she did. I then turned round and caught a glimpse of my back and shoulder in the mirror and it's a mass of red scratches and scabs! and

Earlybird · 29/10/2004 07:47

Just wanted to say thank you for all the reassuring advice. Everything is healing nicely, and there's no sign of lockjaw yet - so I think I'm in the clear! I've learned my lesson about staying away from strange cats - even if they initially appear friendly!

OP posts:
Sarahsazzy · 23/08/2017 15:03

My kitten scratches me without me even touching her seems to do without even the slightest need to she also tried to bite me on the hands and arms which are covered in small scratches. Easter Smile

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