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Breast cancer awareness need a 'click' from you

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mears · 27/10/2004 23:15

One of my friends has sent me an e-mail asking for internet support to provide mammograms for underpriveged women. Her own sister has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and has had a mastectomy so it is an issue close to her heart. I thought a way of getting more 'clicks' was to highlight it here

OP posts:
womba1 · 27/10/2004 23:17

I've clicked!!

nikcola · 27/10/2004 23:17

mee too

coppertop · 27/10/2004 23:21


kinkipinki · 28/10/2004 00:24

so simple!! I've added it to favourites so Ican click again..

jamiesmom · 28/10/2004 00:57

i've clicked

WigWamBam · 28/10/2004 08:54

Is this an American site? Does anyone know if they do the same for the British equivalent?

(I've clicked, btw)

captainCOD · 28/10/2004 08:56

you know this is not lal that it seems dont you?

captainCOD · 28/10/2004 08:57


"Origins: Over
the last few years we've seen many a purportedly altruistic appeal circulate on the Internet, each one claiming you could donate money to a worthy cause or right some terrible injustice ? at no cost to you ? merely by taking some simple action, such as forwarding an e-mail message. (See our Jessica Mydek page for one example.) All of these messages until very recently have been hoaxes, but Year 2000 has seen a few real ones spring up.

At The Breast Cancer Site, you can "donate" clicks towards the provision of mammograms for underprivileged women in the U.S. And it's no scam, even if it's not exactly as described in the e-mailed exhortation to become part of this.

Unlike the way things are explained in the e-mail, one click does not magically provide a mammogram to a needy woman ? it takes 45,000 clicks, not just one. Averaging 58,000 clicks a day, The Breast Cancer Site provides funding for approximately 1.3 mammograms a day. Visitors are also not prohibited from clicking more than once; they just can't do so more than once a day.

Sponsors become involved with this site (and others like it) as a form of advertising and public relations and thus are willing to pay for their messages to be viewed by consumers. They pay, the parent entity of the site, on a per-click basis; directs 75% of the total ad revenue collected to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and keeps the remaining 25% to run the site. (The Breast Cancer Site is not a non-profit entity, so it shouldn't be confused with a charity even though it does direct a significant portion of its revenues to those in need. It exists to make a profit, and that it's still around proves it's succeeding at this.) also allows visitors to initiate donations to several other causes via The Rainforest Site, The Animal Rescue Site, and The Child Health Site.

mears · 28/10/2004 09:20

That's great info captainCod. I swithered about putting this post on because I thought it might be a complete load of cobblers. I knew there had to be a 'catch' and that a profit was being made somewhere. At least there is a genuine provision of free mammograms for women in the US. I knew that it would not just be on the basis of 1 click and I didn't get drawn into anything else on the site. I did a click and exited. The e-mail my friend sent is one of those you send onto 10 friends and so on.

My friend will be going for genetic counselling soon to see if she has an increased genetic risk of breast cancer (many of the women in her family have had Breast cancer which she only discovered after her sister's diagnosis). She is faced with the prospect of having a double mastectomy herself if her risk is high.
If my 'click' makes her feel she's passed on something worthwhile then I am glad.

OP posts:
captainCOD · 28/10/2004 09:24

tam it s a good web site that one for debunking urabn myths
I thinkt he pop ups give thge game away

mears · 28/10/2004 09:47

Never saw the pop-up - my computer blocks them and I usually don't bother trying to see what they were. Had a look back at that one - bit tacky IMO - typical US though (no offence to US folks out there [smile}

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mears · 28/10/2004 09:47
OP posts:
mears · 28/10/2004 15:06


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toky · 28/10/2004 15:49


EvesMama · 28/10/2004 22:10


velcrobott · 28/10/2004 22:38

clicked and will click again tomorrow... we can click everyday !

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