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elizabeth arden and moluuscum

23 replies

captainCOD · 23/10/2004 21:19

I have managed to blag a HUGE sample of ea 8 hour cream form the stand today.
will apply tomorrow and report back

OP posts:
captainCOD · 24/10/2004 10:09

first lot on
it svery medicated smelling

OP posts:
bizzi · 24/10/2004 14:28

What is this cream? I've obviously missed something somewhere, dd2 has had molloscum for over a year, no signs of abaiting, is this something that can help?

captainCOD · 25/10/2004 15:28

do you know I am sure they look better already!!

B t its a beauty cream for rashes and stuff , a bit like a tea tree oily thing ( but not)

I got ahuge sample from he woman

OP posts:
jampot · 25/10/2004 16:10

im off to a pre-xmas perfume gala in the next week at our local beatties and know the EA bint quite well - ill try and blag a load for someone. Keep checking the "Swap" threads...

WigWamBam · 25/10/2004 16:44

Where did you get your sample from, Coddy?

Enid · 25/10/2004 16:47

I use it all over my face every now and then - not in bed as its too greasy, but splurge it on when giving kids bath then leave on all evening - pref when dh is out as it is NOT a good look . Makes your face all nice and soft and smooth. Also use it as a lip balm everyday. I think its got a mild acid in it??

Lovely stuff.

Enid · 25/10/2004 16:48

oh and I bought my tube about 3 years ago and its only just running out - prob not hygenic but good value all the same!!

captainCOD · 25/10/2004 17:18

it stinks! cant imagine using it asa moisturiser
jot it form John lewis

OP posts:
Enid · 25/10/2004 17:21

I really like the smell of it, it grows on you

captainCOD · 25/10/2004 20:09

shudder enid
do you have lots ofs mall animals chasing you down the street?
have had a nother look theya re deffo looking less inflamed

OP posts:
blossomhill · 25/10/2004 21:50

My dd's cleared up within about 3 weeks, thank god!

captainCOD · 26/10/2004 08:19

with lizzy ardern?

OP posts:
blossomhill · 27/10/2004 10:12


jampot · 27/10/2004 10:13

I smelled it yesterday and it is putrid!

beachyhead · 27/10/2004 10:58

So is it just called Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream or is there more description?

jampot · 27/10/2004 11:12

its just called that beachyhead. here it is

janinlondon · 02/11/2004 13:13

Interested to know how the experiment is getting on with the EA8hr cream. Any results yet? Need someone to confirm blossomhill's anectodal evidence!

codswallop · 03/11/2004 12:54

wellt hey defintiely are still there but I havent been so good about applying it allt time
wil persver more sorry

blossomhill · 03/11/2004 16:10

Honestly I wouldn't lie to you. It was another mumsnetter that recommended it to me!

binkie · 08/11/2004 10:00

BH, if you are there can you please answer my qu on the other thread ?

Many thanks - b

codswallop · 09/11/2004 21:31

not heya re very red and inflammed at he mo
ams still using it

NatureDoc · 09/11/2004 22:54

Molluscum is part of the wart family - you can apply creams containing thuja and use homeopathic approaches/immune system boosting herbs - I have had very good results in getting rid of then with this system.

Twiglett · 09/11/2004 23:15

they get red and inflamed just before they go though IME (of one)

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