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Stinking cold, migraine, 26 weeks pregnant - can I take any medicine?

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Pagan · 22/10/2004 11:04

Feeling like total s**t, especially the migraine part. Not got a clue if I can take any drugs for this. I don't usually like taking anything anyway other than a hot whisky but that's off the menu too - pah!!!

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beansprout · 22/10/2004 11:08

Pagan - you poor thing, that sounds miserable.
We can take paracetemol, although I appreciate that may not be too effective at tackling a migraine. Cold remedies are pretty limited too. I did lots of honey + lemon, vit C, inhalations etc. The down side is it can take a lot longer to shift something when preg as our bodies are so overstretched as it is.

Worth asking the pharmacist or doc (free prescriptions!) but just double check the packet if you go to the chemists as there have been a number of threads where people have been given the wrong advice.

Hope you feel better soon.

Pagan · 22/10/2004 11:35

Thanks Beansprout. albeit a feeble one.
and I've passed my cold on to DD (13 months)

Off to drink more smoothies

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